Monday, June 14, 2010


On our way back from the pool yesterday, we saw ducks on our end of the lagoon. Two drakes and a little hen.  They usually keep to the other end of the complex so I was excited. I went inside, got some bread and hurried back out.

The silly things looked at me and went back to picking off bugs or whatever it is they do when they bite at themselves. Finally the little hen waddled into the water and ate one or two bites. Very unenthusiastically.

A neighbor came by and noticed. "They must have eaten already."

"What, do they come up this way often?"

"Oh yes. I feed them every day."

Fine. I guess I'll save my bread for the turtles. They at least plunge into the water and swim as fast as they can for the bits I throw in. I prefer animals that are grateful for the handouts.

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  1. Two Sundays ago I was at a barbeque by a Lake and we were throwing bits of hot dog buns at the geese. It was an entire geese entorage though; like 15-20 of them varying ages.

    I took pics with my camera. I am sorry yours were not as eventful as mine.


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