Monday, April 30, 2012


We've been away, working at the house in north Georgia. Got a lot packed up, brought a lot back with us, rented a storage unit today, will go back for more before closing in 2-3 weeks. Stuff we don't want the movers to move like an antique Singer sewing machine.

The thing is, when we're up there, we have no telephone land line and the cell phones don't work without the AT&T microcell which doesn't work without broadband. And we have no internet or cable so... I can check email and get to emergency stuff on my phone at good old Micky D's, but at night, we're reduced to watching old movies. Or Red Box movies, actually. We watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; I liked the book but the movie was slo-o-w. Then we watched the new Mission Impossible; it was too fast (and impossible describes most of the action perfectly), and gave me a headache. Then we watched, on recommendation, The Descendants. Another slow movie that was rather depressing. Nice music though. Finally we watched one we found while packing: The Cutting Edge. Love that movie!

Not looking forward to going back up but back up we must go. Sigh. A few days to work in things here (Two opened bottles of olive oil added to the one here???? Four pairs of house shoes added to the two here????) and then we'll bring more stuff back. To fit in somewhere, somehow.

When we decided to move, we put stuff in storage in Hartwell, where we'd thought to come back after a few years on the island. Then we decided not (the lovely lake lot had grown large houses with four car garages all around it; it'd be like living in a subdivision except with a lake in the front yard). So we moved the stored stuff down here. Then we had to go back to north Georgia and the stored stuff went into the basement. Now it's coming back down here.

I am really keeping my fingers crossed the house closes! I'm tired of carting stuff up and down the road.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


After a year, we have our house under contract. Yeah, it was finalized on Friday the thirteenth and yeah, there are some details to be worked out.


Things are going okay and we're hopeful of a closing next month. So we're going up to pack some books, and other odds and ends, and to bring some things down here. Winter clothes, canned goods, suitcases, files, stuff like that. We also have to go through and do away with stuff we don't need. We've done this once but in the year we've lived up there, we've added more stuff, lots of which we don't need.

Have you ever noticed how much we accumulate? And how much of it we seldom use or how much we get tired of right away? We tried to be good, we really did. But it didn't work out.

I'm glad someone wants to buy our house. Much as I've loved it and the lake, it's time to leave. But this moving is the pits.

Wish someone else could pick out what we need to keep and what we need to throw away. And then move it and throw it away! I bet we'd never know what got thrown out.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


As I mentioned, I'm on a diet. In the last 2-3 weeks I've lost 4-5 pounds. Yay.

So we go out of town to a family thing yesterday, and after the event, came back to the hosts' house to celebrate with food. All kinds of food. On the dining table, on the coffee table, on the counter, on the stove...

Cold cuts, cheeses, croissantes, fruit, pastry poufs, tiny eclairs, little hors d'oeuvre thingies with spinach and stuff inside... Oh it was grand! With a big cake to top it off!

I know what you're thinking. And okay, I did eat. But there was nowhere to go stand without food staring me in the face.

Besides, at our motel, there was a magic mirror. When we dressed for the event, I looked into it and darned if I didn't look slim! I called my guy over. He looked in the mirror and he looked slim, too!

Even when we got back after pigging out, we still looked slim! Then I turned from his reflection and realized that what I saw in the mirror wasn't actually the real thing.

Bummer. Wish I could have brought the mirror home.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I'm on a diet. I put on ten pounds when we were up in the lake house and now I'm trying to get it off.

So today a friend and I went to lunch at Iguana's here on the island, best known for their wonderful Georgia shrimp that they've won contests for. (She paid for me by the way, because she's so glad I'm back, which I had no intention of her doing, but she's a sweetie and I can't tell her no.)

First thing the server says is, "We have free soft ice cream inside now. Get a cone after lunch."

Huh! And me on a diet? "No," I said firmly. "I won't."

My friend cajoled, but she's a friend so she didn't cajole long. Maybe ten minutes. Seemed longer that I had to fight but...

So I had the shrimp with a baked potato and slaw. Okay, I did have butter and sour cream. And I guess that was tartar sauce I was dipping the shrimp in.

But it was their lunch portion. It wasn't too bad. Maybe.

Anyway, I stuck to my plan. No ice cream. Though I had to keep thinking, ten pounds to lose, ten pounds to lose, to keep from caving.

She had a big bowl of the vanilla/chocolate swirl.

I'm trying to figure out how to talk my guy into taking me back tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


My guy is a photographer so we visit The Alligator Farm in St. Augustine FL frequently during their rookery season of April, May and June. Yesterday we went down for the first time this year. The birds were already there. Some were so close you could reach out and touch them.

  This first picture shows one of the trees with its birds.

This is an egret displaying. For those of you who, like me, are non-birders, I believe it means he's puffing up his feathers, trying to make himself as attractive as possible to the opposite sex so he can nab a mate. Good luck with that, fellow!

And here's a favorite. I've never seen such vivid colors on a roseate spoonbill. A couple of them were nesting in a tree about ten feet from us. Beautiful!

We couldn't leave without a picture of alligators. These are American albinos. They looked like statues when I first went by, then one finally moved and stepped on the other's snout. Thought I was gonna see a battle but they both went back to sleep.

We'll be going back in a few weeks. My guy likes to catch the birds nesting, then see the little babies pop out of the nests, then follow them as teenagers. He'll be busy till probably the first part of June.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It's so nice to be back on the island. Yeah, a lot of spring breakers are here but looks like a lot of them left yesterday and more of them today. I love this laidback place where we can walk and enjoy the scenery. On the pier today we saw a begger pelican and a sailboat heading out to sea. Gorgeous

Thursday, April 5, 2012


So we moved down to the island for a few weeks/months. Just got cable TV, telephone, internet and all that stuff hooked up. Maybe we can relax now.

The cats made the seven hour trip fine. Drugged, of course. Unbearable to be in the car with them otherwise, and I won't let my guy put them in the trunk! He jokes, but sometimes I wonder...

Anyway, when the girl cat wakes up, she apparently blames the boy cat for all her wooziness and unhappy travel arrangements and general malaise. For the rest of that day and part of the next, every time he comes near her, she hisses and threatens to jump on him. He, poor thing, hasn't a clue what she's hissying about. After all, he got drugged and catnapped, too. It wan't his fault!

But I guess they're back to normal. Sleeping on the bed all day, discovering the screen door to look out at the birds and squirrels, watching the tennis players bat the ball back and forth...

Now if I could just get their fountain to stop leaking in the guest bath.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I recently received this award from fellow MuseItUp author Penny Ehrenkranz who blogs at
I don't really think this is an award. I think it's kind of like, tag seven more unsuspecting people or your cats will die, your car won't start, and that yellow stuff floating around in the air will surround you forever.
So as not to have any of this happen, I must follow the directions:
1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript.
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy the next 7 sentences exactly how they're written. No cheating!
4. Tag 7 other writers to pass this meme on to.

So here's the excerpt from page 77 of my manuscript:
If he’d only listen, he could have Norma eating out of his hand.”
Autumn grinned. "If I recall, your advice didn't work out so well for Tyler and Abe and Jamie. Oh, and I forgot Will."
Laney flapped a hand. “They were different. No, I mean it, Autumn, hang around till she breaks up with him and then move in.
So now I have to tag seven more bloggers, eh? Not sure I know that many writers, and I see some of them I know have already been tagged, but here goes.
Congrats folks! You've been tagged!