Saturday, January 13, 2018


We had some company for several days and were able to go to the movies. We saw the latest Star Wars, Jumanji, and Darkest Hour.

They were all entertaining and it's hard to choose a favorite. Star Wars had a rousing plot that kept us on our toes. Seeing Carrie Fisher's last performance was sad but familiar. Continuing to learn the background of new leading characters kept us interested.

Darkest Hour took us into Churchill's life at the most important time of his life. I was delighted to see his cat show up as well as one of the King's corgis. And while Dunkirk played a tiny scene in the entire movie, it was better than any scene in the movie Dunkirk that came out last year. The camera caught the spirit of all the small boats that made the trips across the channel whereas Dunkirk showed only a few here and there so that the scope of the rescue operation was lost.

And Jumanji.

Jumanji made me laugh out loud.

Not only my guy and I howled; our guests laughed and so did about ten other couples in the theater. In fact, just as I began to giggle with the first joke, I heard explosive cackling from the rows behind us. I guess some people are quicker to catch on than me.

The movie kept us on the edge of our seats, but it wasn't as scary as the first Jumanji that we saw years. But it was definitely funnier.

Any of these are good movies to see, but I must admit to thinking about Jumanji more than the others. And smiling as I remember the look on some of the characters' faces when they realize they are different people in the game. The nerd becomes the hero, the smart girl turns into a athletic heroine, the dumb football star turns into a professor, and the campus queen turns into...

But I won't give it away.

Star Wars' fans will obviously go see (if they haven't already seen) the latest installment but the history-minded will be better off choosing Darkest Hour. And if you like ridiculous comedy, go to Jumanji.

Saturday, January 6, 2018


Our football team is going to the National Playoffs. We are happy and excited and a little bemused. This is only our coach's second season and while we had big hopes for the future, we thought it was just that: the future. We didn't think this year would see us go so far.

But it did. And while we're still shaking our heads in wonder, we're all geared up for the game. Go Dawgs! Win or lose, we're proud of you!

But you may be interested to know that, despite the South's fixation on football, our college has other sports. And one of them is....

Da dum!

Ice hockey!

Yep, that's right. We have a convention hall that hosts the team's rink during hockey season. And it's open to the public for a few weeks. So when we had visitors last week, we naturally took them over.

It is a spacious rink with hideous orange rental skates. (Although you can bring your own. In fact we saw someone who did, but I suspect he's from up north where ice skating is common.) There are also tables that visitors can sit at to enjoy the spectacle of people gliding or falling face-first.

Here's the rink. We got there early so it wasn't too crowded:

And here's the Zamboni that comes out between sessions:

We almost made it for the entire hour and half session. But the next day, after the unfamiliar exercise, we had lots of groans and slow moving people!

Saturday, December 30, 2017


A few weeks ago, we saw a tri-colored heron on the pond in our complex and wondered if it had followed us from the island. A couple of days later, Canadian geese flew in and rested on the pond a day or two while the heron was still there. Then everyone left.

"Maybe he was their tour guide," I suggested. "Maybe he came up to take them to their winter home."

We laughed heartily at the idea.

Then, a week or so later, we spotted the heron again. "He's back," I said. "Maybe he's escorting another group south."

Sure enough, the next day more geese flew in, rested up, and flew out. The heron left, too.

"Hmmm," I said, not laughing as much.

Finally, a different group came in. They hung around until...

Sure enough, the tri-color heron flew in, and a day later the pond was empty.

After that, we were sure the heron was in charge of herding travelers down to their winter home.

But now we have a group of geese who came in and settled on our pond before Christmas. Here's part of them.

There's been no sign of the heron and I suspect it's way too cold for him. The geese, however, continue to swim on the pond. I think that without their guide, they're lost.

If the heron doesn't show up and they have to stay here for the winter, I feel sorry for them. We;ve had lows in the thirties, forecast to be in the teens for a day or so. This is a far cry from south Georgia or Florida.

Oh well. They should have been on time like the other geese. Tour guides are busy people and can't afford to wait around for clients who aren't punctual!

Saturday, December 23, 2017


The Botanical Gardens put up their holiday display recently. Here's a couple of pix.

A poinsettia tree:

And an elf and snowman:

In town, yards are decorated, too. This Snoopy is in our neighborhood, looking cheerfully at us every time we go out or come in.

This is a festive house in another neighborhood:.

While this house... This house is...  I can't describe it. These people must really enjoy the holiday! Here's the front which is off a side road.

And here's just a part of the side on the main street. They must have ten or twenty inflatables!

And I can't help adding a photo of some of the candy I make once a year, usually at Christmas. This pan is going to the photography club's party. Pralines, fudge, peanut butter and divinity. About the only thing I can cook that tastes good!

Happy holidays, everyone!

Saturday, December 16, 2017


We went to a festival at the Botanical Gardens last month. Despite the cold weather, people turned out to see (and participate in) demonstrations of making apple cider, butter, doughnuts, and other fun things.

This was a working spinning wheel:

And a weaver on a loom

And best of all were the musicians. There was much foot-tapping and singing going on!

The gardens are a neat place to spend a couple of hours, even without festivals going on.

Saturday, December 9, 2017


As a lot of people know, the FCC is trying to give the internet to corporations. This means our speed can be slowed whenever AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, et cetera, get the urge while the content we want to see may come with a charge--if we can get it at all.

Thursday, a lot of protests were scheduled all over the country, ours among them. We did not have a large turnout, but it was cold so I'm just glad we had people brave enough to venture out!

We met at the Verizon store. Not that we were protesting them in particular; their location just offered a good place to gather.

Then we moved to the street. If you look closely, you can see the Verizon sign right beside the McDonald's.

Here's the sign my guy made for me.

It actually felt good to be able to express our feelings about the crazy people up in DC. I only wish it would do some good. Maybe when the next election comes around...

Saturday, December 2, 2017


We found a good pizza place in our new home. Peppino's is family friendly with luscious pizza!

The sign out front promises a good deal:

The place itself looks neat:

Inside smells great:

Plenty of tables:

And oh, that pizza!

The pieces are so big, my guy and I share one order. Yum!

Only bad thing is that they're closed on Mondays. And we always seem to get the urge for pizza on Mondays.