Monday, April 28, 2014


My girl cat wants to run away with the gypsies. Gypsy cats, that is.

Yes, she keeps trying to rush out the door when it's opened. She got out into the garage the other day and roamed about for a couple of hours, but that didn't make her happy. She wants outside.

She's seen the feral cats strutting around the neighborhood. I think she's in love with the one who shows up in our back yard occasionally. I admit, he's a handsome fellow, but she's too old for that stuff.

My boy cat, ever the gentleman, urges her to follow her dream. I think he'd like to be rid of her.

But she'd never make it outside. She's been inside since she was a kitten. She has no idea how to stalk a squirrel or bring down a bird like these tough outside cats do. She'd starve to death.

Of course, it might take awhile since she's a bit overweight. (Looking down on her, one thinks of a huge bulging sausage.)

"No, sweetie," I tell her. "Gypsies aren't the happy, singing, dancing cats that the movies portray."

I hope she listens. If she ever makes a break for it, I'm not sure my boy cat will let her back in.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


So my guy goes to the post office to check our box. Inside is a notice that they're holding a package for us because it was too big for the box. He trots to the counter to pick it up.

Only they can't find it. Not a trace. And the person who put the notice in our box isn't there.

So they keep the notice, saying they'll put another in our box when it's found. Now we have no proof of any package at all. It's as if there never was a notice!

Anyway, that was last week. After racking my brain and contacting anyone who might have conceivably sent us a package, I gave up. If the package contained books, someone's now reading them. If it contained candy, someone's now eating it. If it contained detergent samples, someone's now washing clothes with them.

I hope to heaven that whatever someone sent us wasn't perishable. I also hope they--whoever they are--don't get annoyed when they don't get a thank-you note.

The worst part is that I'll never know!

Saturday, April 19, 2014


I can't resist talking about the crime column in the local paper. It's the first thing I turn to every morning, and today we have several strange items.

There was the usual:

$3000 trailer stolen, along with its contents worth $2000.

Someone arrested for taking food worth $13.

A man arrested for stuffing merchandise into his pockets. The attempted theft led to a confrontation with police in the store. He resisted arrest and got tasered. For $15 worth of goods.

More interesting items included this one:

Two women had an argument via FaceBook that led to one woman going over to the other woman's house. Some kind of physical confrontation occurred. Both women reported being punched in the face by the other. Looks like words really can hurt you!

And the last:

A man reported his girlfriend kicked him in the head. Seems he suspected she'd stolen $40 worth of his prescription drugs. When he went for her purse to search, she kicked him with her foot. Since the foot was in a temporary cast, I suspect it hurt!

Ah, another busy day for our crime reporters! Love our local newspaper!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Sunday, we went up the road to a shrimping community for their annual Blessing of the Fleet. We went early, even though the actual blessing didn't occur until mid afternoon. But we figured with the weather warming -- finally -- we'd better go while it was pleasant. We actually got there before it was technically open for business, though a few booths were open. Not the funnelcake one, sadly.

Anyway, while several shrimp boats came out to be blessed, we saw only a few decked out. I think the poor economy and the poor shrimping has put a damper on the festival. With the sun bearing down, we decided to call it a day before the big event. My guy did get a few pix.

These were docked up from the bandstand:

In this one you can see the bandstand behind the back of the boat on the left. This boat actually belongs to the University of Georgia Marine Extension Service and helps in research about fishing methods, bottom mapping, etc. The third one in the rear had its lines all decorated with tinsel. Wish we had a better shot.

Here we have part of the booths that go along with the Blessing festival. The road was blocked off and the tents set up on each side. There were lots more but this was a nice shaded view. As you can see, this was about an hour before official opening time so it wasn't a bit crowded. Just the way I like it.

I'm happy to see all the festivals springing up again. This winter was just too quiet!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


We've had company the past week or so. They all left today, and we're sorely missing the hustle and bustle they brought with them. So we took off down to the Village where they're holding an arts and crafts show this weekend. There were lots of people along with lots of arts and crafts.

Here are a couple of the eating tents. Naturally I gravitated to them first! Had to buy some kettle corn.

Here's a shot of one of the aisles beneath the great oaks. Lovely place to hold a festival.

And here's a pottery piece up close. There were also small birdbaths and other figures, but this one was the coolest.

Now we're back home and it's way too quiet. The cats, who are glad to have their house back, tell me they're here and we don't need company. Wish they could be a little more talkative.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


So my guy gets a new camera lens (no, I don't know what kind; I don't even know why he needed a new lens except that he seems to collect them). He decides to go to the Jacksonville zoo to try it out before we make the long trek to the Alligator Farm down in St. Augustine. Naturally, I go along for the ride.

He wasn't thrilled with the lens but I think he got some great pix.

This is the older jaguar (maybe the mother) taking its bath. Just like my cats!

And here's the cub eyeing something in the water. He was so cute! Just like my cats.

This is one of the latest additions. The Jacksonville zoo now has a tiger exhibit. There are three in all, I believe, but this is the only one showing himself. And boy did he pace back and forth! Just a few feet from all us gawkers! Glad there were a couple of fences between us.

Then we come to the lion and his missus. They were cooling it in the shade but my guy got a good picture anyway.

Not sure what this guy is. Some kind of antelope maybe? Anyway, they'd just put his food out. My guy had to wait for him to stop stuffing his face to get this shot.

And a Komodo dragon that we are all fascinated by, I'm sure. Ugh! Creepy things!

There were a lot more animals -- flamingos, pigs, warthogs, et cetera -- but I wanted to show that deserts aren't the only places cacti grow. This plant is a lot taller than it appears in the photo and it's thriving!