Friday, February 25, 2011


We slept late this morning, past the cats' breakfast time. Roz started biting me. Jackson pranced up and down on me. I finally threw both of them off the bed, but they were not happy.

They began muttering about reporting me to someone. Last I heard, they were debating whether it should be DFACS or the ASPCA.

I'm seriously considering parakeets.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Walking home from the Village on one of the past lovely days, we neared the park where public basketball and tennis courts are. In this park, the main attraction is the huge water oaks dripping Spanish moss and a few benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the view.

A couple in a car beckoned us over. "Can you tell us where the trolley stop is? The GPS says this is the park but we can't see the trolley anywhere. We've been through here three times! And it's nearly time for it to leave! We're going to miss it!"

The GPS was a little off there. Like half a mile or more. We sent them back to the pier park where the trolley stops each day, in plenty of time to catch their tour.

I'm glad we don't use a GPS system. My brother-in-law tried to come to our condo with his and would probably have gotten lost if my guy hadn't told him no, there was an easier way. Another relative went by the same detour in St. Augustine three times as directed by hers. She gave up near hysteria. Never got to her destination. At least not that day.

They're great when they work, but sometimes even my warped sense of direction is better than their instructions.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Aren't friends grand?

Just had a visit from an old friend I hadn't seen since last year. She's the kind you see every year or so but can still pick up the threads when you meet again as if you'd been together the day before.

Those are the best friends to have.

Don't have many, but I cherish them!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I just finished Amanda Hocking's SWITCHED, the first of her Trylle Trilogy. I got it on my Kindle because I'd read how Hocking self-published her YA paranormals after failing to sell to a big publisher. In January, 450,000 copies of her books, mostly ebooks, of the nine she's written. That's pretty impressive considering they've been out there only since last March.

SWITCHED was 99 cents (I think most of her titles are 99 cents to 2.99) so I wasn't out much by trying it.

The storyline was good. It was about trolls and teenage angst. I can see where it would appeal to the younger crowd.

Wendy finds she's a changeling. Her troll mother exchanged her for a human when she was born. Unfortunately, after her father died, her human mother somehow realizes Wendy's not her child and tried to kill six-year-old Wendy.

When Wendy, bring brought up by her brother and aunt, approaches eighteen, a tracker - hunky mysterious Finn - is sent to bring her to the trolls' kingdom/compound in Minnesota. There she discovers she's - dah dah! - not just a troll. She's the princess troll.

But her homecoming is not welcoming, her mother is cold, and a princess can't make it with a tracker like Finn (they're almost at the bottom of the rankings for trolls). Worse, a renegade band of trolls comes after her for her - wait for it - powers!

The writing craft needed some work, but mainly the book needed a good editor.

Since trolls, zombies, and vampires have palled on me and since I'm no longer a teenager, the book didn't enchant. But it was a quick read and I didn't stop in the middle as I've been prone to do lately. Youngsters will enjoy it.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


We walked out around lunch. Temps in the 60s. Sun shining. Blue skies. The ocean was tranquil with several pelicans diving and finding fish to eat. Reminds me of why I love it down here.

Came back by the park and the tennis players were out. Was surprised to see the cute tennis instructor with his shirt on but my guy pointed out he was instructing men. Not a pretty woman in sight!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Lake Lanier

North Georgia was cold. We got away just in time to miss the snow.

We had the plumber in to fix the washer faucets which he did. Then we discovered the washer walks across the floor when washing. Something about the drum being loose. And the dryer refuses to cut off by itself. I realized the 'new' washer and dryer we got twenty years ago, are now the old washer and dryer. Guess we'll spring for a new set.

The heat and air guy came. He got the heat fixed.

The landscaper came. He blew leaves and fixed a sagging walkway. Put out some solar lights by it and my guy put down 3-4 bales of pine straw. More is needed in 2 weeks when we go back up.

The lady redoing the screened porch finished up so it's ready for the cats to move back up. They're terribly excited. We, not so much. We remember the howling six hours in the car moving down.

And finally, the kitchen stove mechanic came for the third or fourth time. Looks like they'll be back since he couldn't figure out what was wrong.

So the stove's still to be fixed along with the duct cleaning, the pine straw, the bathroom leak we spotted before coming back south. We also have more storage stuff to bring up and lots of leftover junk under the house and on the dock the tenants left still to be carried to the dump.

So we'll be going back and forth for another few weeks. And then it'll be warm in north Georgia. We like it there but not the cold!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Again. Just as the bad cold weather is about to strike - talk of teen degrees and snow flurries - we're heading north.
My guy keeps wondering why the northerners can't learn to control their weather and keep it up there. I keep wondering why we can't figure out better times to travel.

Evidently, we're gluttons for punishment.