Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Broken Plumbing

I flushed the john today and the contents barely went down. I took off the top and the water coming into the tank was like, dripping. The guy who lives with me was off shooting photos but I did not panic. We have another bathroom.

When my guy came in, I pointed out the empty tank and wrung my hands. Mostly because I just knew he would insist on fixing it which usually entails cursing and running out for extra parts and taking hours or days.

He said, "Call the plumber." I wanted to kiss him.

I called. The plumber showed up in two hours, spent fifteen minutes with us, and left fifty-two dollars richer.

My john works now. I love living in a place where plumbers don't wait two weeks to show up! I think even my husband is learning to be laid back like the other islanders.

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