Saturday, May 5, 2018


For some time, I've thought about ending my blog. It began as a way to publicize my books, but as often happens, things changed. Now it serves no useful purpose and, since my life seems more complicated, I feel I must put my time to better use. So....

This will be the last blog. But never fear, William, Norma, and Parsnip! You three have been faithful followers and I feel like you're old friends! I will continue to look forward to your blogs.

One last crime blotter blog:

A man went into a Steak and Shake, announced he was on drugs, then walked back out. When police arrived, the man was staggering around in the road. So he was arrested for being a "pedestrian under the influence." Good grief! Seems to me he should have had enough sense to realize blabbing about drug use is the first step toward heading to jail.

In another instance, patrolling deputies thought a couple parked on the side of the road might need assistance, so they made a U-turn and went back, only to see the car rushing away. Speeding cars do make police suspicious. As they trailed it, they saw it weaving across the center line and stopped it. Yep, the weaving confirms suspicions.

The driver claimed he'd been in law enforcement for several years --uh huh-- and was giving a woman passenger a ride back to a neighboring county. BUT, a vehicle search turned up bags of meth and cocaine which both driver and passenger denied knowledge of. Of course, they did! Probably a previous owner left them? Then a search of the woman's purse turned up a bunch of pills. Tsk, tsk.

Both driver and passenger were arrested. I'm just glad they're off the road.

I do love these crime blotter reports in the local paper!