Sunday, October 31, 2010


Oh, it's a sad little island. Went out to breakfast and never saw so many morose people.

Yes, UGA lost - I won't report the score - and the guy who lives with me is quite grumpy.

I take it in stride. "Next year," I say.

He snarls something back, I retreat. Tomorrow he'll be better. Or else.

And one good thing, the crowd coming back last night was subdued. Only woke up once, and that was to a gentle murmur that quickly went away. Not like the night before when parties were going on.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The Island is crowded to capacity. This is one of the biggest visitor weekends of the year. In fact, people have been pouring in all week. Nearly all of them are going to the GA FL ball game tomorrow. The Village is all revved up.

Here are the store windows, ready for customers.

And here is a potential customer.

Of course we have the car decals. And the flags.  

And look at the buildings all gussied up.


We really can't forget those all important beer trucks lined up for delivery!


Now I just hope Georgia wins. If not, it'll be a sad little island tomorrow night. But then, maybe we can get some sleep!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've decided. I will buy an ereader after the first of the year. Prices are expected to come down when new models appear, and I can take my time making up my mind. So I'm okay with waiting.

After an exhibition by our computer club, I'm leaning toward a Kindle. But I'm still open to other arguments. Right now I've heard from people who have the three in the title. Each one loves his/her device. I'm thinking since I don't really want to do much more than read with one, the Kindle will serve the purpose.

Of course, once I get one, I'll have to wait for our library to get into the ebook business. But they will, I'm sure. Just a matter of time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had a Target gift card. When I used it, I had a hard time deciding between house slippers that I needed and a bra exactly like one I have and like. I'm not to the point of needing one, but after thinking about it, I bought it and not the slippers.

Reason? Whenever I go to buy a bra that I know fits and is comfortable, they no longer make that model, the store no longer stocks that brand, or they're down to 2 or 3 in sizes that might fit one of the adolescent models with no boobs. I figured while I could find one I can wear, I'd better get it.

Bet I'm not the only woman obsessing over my bra disappearing from the shelves when I really, really need to buy one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I was down at the Village this morning about an hour or so before high tide. Already the surf was pounding the rocks. The whole island is only about seventeen feet above sea level, I think.

I feel rather uneasy.

Monday, October 25, 2010


I used to love reading romantic suspense but lately, if it doesn't involve werewolves or vampires, it's FBI agents or rogue CIA agents; or drug dealers or forensic examiners or some kind of stuff like that. I'm tired of heroes and heroines who are barely outrunning the bad guys but who take time for a torrid sexual encounter with honey and/or whipped cream anyway. I'm tired of a child getting kidnapped and his/her mother thinking about nothing but jumping into bed with her only hope of saving him (an outlaw/ cop/federal agent/soldier of fortune) when fear for her child should be uppermost in her mind.

What happened to the good old stories about ordinary people in unexpected situations who don't have super agents/agencies to fall back on? Who can control their sexual impulses, especially in life-threatening situations?

I'm sure there are books out there somewhere that I'd like, but I can't seem to find them. The last one I tried I won't even mention because I'm about to stop reading it.

So there.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Went for our walk Friday morning and to our horror, a condo at the front was roped off. An elderly woman who lived there died in the blaze. She was not in good health and on oxygen but she loved working in her tiny yard. She frightened the landscapers off, daring them to cut any shrub or dig up any plant she took care of.

The other condos in that building were protected by the firewall. The one right over the condo where the fire started, did have damage but it was because the fire burst out the windows and went up. The fire itself did not burn through the floor. This makes me feel better since I've wondered what would happen if a condo next to us caught on fire.

They still aren't sure what caused the fire, but we've noticed our chandelier over the dining table is getting old, with one lantern broken and exposing a wire.

We went out today and bought a new one!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Went to Jekyll Island this morning to see all the vintage Triumphs. Must have been hundreds of them. Great show!

This picture is of the vendor stand selling British stuff.

These two are of some of the cars. In the background you can see the Moss Cottage in the Jekyll Historic District.

Wish we could afford a hobby like this!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Just finished this book by Dorothea Benton Frank. It's a sequel to PLANTATION, which she wrote some years ago, but I didn't have to remember any of the first book (although some characters did seem familiar) to enjoy this one. It's another dysfunctional family tale, southern-style, with all the coastal Carolina descriptions that transport you right there.

I do get annoyed when heroes/heroines look down on other people who live or came from mobile homes and allow readers to look down on them as rednecks, uneducated and scum of the earth. Some people who grow up in them can turn out to be professionals such as nurses, accountants, and teachers. I personally know some who, along with their parents, would not be ill at ease in some of the southern mansion society Frank writes about. Seems to me sometimes authors forget it's a person's character that makes him/her a lowlife.

I loved Frank's writing style in her first book. And her latest is good, but there were so many y'all's, it became tedious. And, too, dysfunctional family plots are all too common. I'm ready for stuff with a plot.

But I finished it, even enjoyed it. So I can recommend it with a good conscience.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Yes, company's coming and what happens?

You got it. Hairball. I guess I should be glad it wasn't in the middle of the guest bed. Now I'm following the other cat around, hoping she won't throw up, too. Or if she does, hoping it won't happen just as, or immediately after, our guests arrive.

I do know one thing. Next time we install carpet, we're going for puke brown.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What is it with cats and hairballs? I can't believe they enjoy yukking up the silly things.

Came in today and on the sun room sofa where Roz likes to snooze, there it was. A long hairball. With some other stuff to the side.

She looked at me quite innocently but I'm sure it was her. Jackson doesn't sleep on that sofa very much. He prefers to yuk on our bed.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


This book by Lyn Hamilton is a nice, well plotted mystery. It gives some background of the Etruscans and talks about some of their art. Her protagonist is an antiques dealer who goes around the world buying antiques. This is the first of the series I've read, but evidently she's in business with her ex-husband and has a new boyfriend. They didn't really come into play in this book so I'm wondering if their presence in others would make the story more engrossing.

I did find my mind wandering with all the place names (the heroine travels through towns in France and Italy -- even one excursion to Ireland -- listing shops and streets and landmarks) and so many people scurrying around. The writing may be a little bland, too. Still, I finished it which I don't always do. So for someone wanting to while away an hour or so, this might be a good choice.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


I recently finished reading THE SWAN THIEVES by Elizabeth Kostova. The writing was good, the story interesting.

A psychiatrist takes an interest in a new patient, an artist.  For some reason the psychiatrist becomes obsessed with finding out why this artist tried to damage a painting in the National Gallery. The book follows the psychiatrist as he tries to unravel the mystery.

The story is told from several viewpoints, first person viewpoints which I find tiring. Especially when the voices aren't distinct enough to distinguish between them. And I do get tired of fiftyish men falling in love with thirtyish women who amazingly love them back. Although in one subplot there was an older woman with a man twenty years younger who adored her. I'm sure it happens but still...

The plot itself was good, the clues tied up in the end, but the writing seemed to go on and on. While I didn't stop reading -- I've made a vow that if the book doesn't hold my attention in the first few chapters, I stop wasting my time -- I did think I would never get to the end of it.

If someone likes historicals with a splash of mystery, s/he will probably enjoy this one.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Our little island is so excited. The PGA is putting on a tournament here starting today. Buses have been bussing, planes have been flying, helicopters have been hovering, policemen have been policing and people are everywhere.

Almost makes me wish I followed golf!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We had company the past weekend. Another little girl, this one eight years old. She walks in and says importantly, "I have a makeup bag."

Thinking lip gloss and clear fingernail polish and things like that, I ask, "What do you have in it?"

"Oh... Mascara and other stuff."

"Mascara?"A lot different from how it used to be. I can't remember mascara ever showing up in play makeup.

She opened her bag. Sure enough, there was makeup. An eyeliner pencil, a compact, maybe some blush. And mascara.

"My mommy gave me most of it," she explains, "but we bought the mascara."

And every morning she carefully "made up" her face with the mascara. Oh, she also used some lip softener (colorless in a lipstick tube) I gave her.

I'm beginning to sound like an old fart but things have really changed since I was a little girl!