Saturday, January 30, 2016


It appears autumn has finally come to the island! Guess this last cold wave made the trees decide it was time to change.

This tree met us on the way out of our subdivision yesterday. Doesn't it look fine in all its glory? Makes me kind of hanker for the mountains.

But that's during leaf season. Not this time of year. Definitely not! I know some of you love the snow but I've had enough of it in my lifetime, thank you very much!

So I'll admire the little tree and enjoy the sunny weather!

Saturday, January 23, 2016


Seems hospitals are latching on to a new sideline. With their miles of halls, they have ample room to display art and many are doing it.

Our own hospital has a local art gallery organizing their exhibits. Each month, the pictures get swapped out. This month, photography is featured. Many of them are friends of my guy--though despite my urging, he didn't enter any of his photographs!--so we went by to check it out.

The theme is Sidney Lanier, a well-known poet born in Macon and proudly claimed by Georgia. In case you've not heard of him, he wrote The Marshes of Glynn, The Song of the Chattahoochee, and other lovely poems. He was also a musician and an author. Georgia has named schools, buildings, bridges, counties, and lots of other things for him, including Lake Lanier near Atlanta.

Like many poets, poor Sidney suffered a hard life. He wanted to study music but his parents didn't allow it (probably wanted him to be able to support himself!), so he wrote, taught, and did other things to keep up his wife and children. He traveled quite a bit, too, trying to find a cure for his tuberculosis contracted when he served in the Confederacy. Alas, the disease got him at the young age of thirty-nine.

But he left us a nice legacy. Here are some pix of the view of the hospital exhibit, beginning with the name (Horton Gallery is what this portion of the walls devoted to art is called). The picture to the side shows Sidney's flute, I believe:

This sign tells who Sidney was and gives other information:

And here is part of the wall with its photographs:

And around the corner is the end of the wall:

You might be able to see a few. They include Sidney's instruments, a song he wrote, pictures of the scenery that suggested his poems, his childhood home, bridges named for him and more.

A nice way to while away an hour!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Either crime has been down in the past few weeks or the local paper has had more important things to report on. We did have a few incidents this week, though most of them were run-of-the-mill things 

Like eating at a restaurant. Without paying. (Customer was arrested for theft by taking.)

And like picking up something at a convenience store. Without paying. (Police found him, chased him, caught him, and arrested him.)

Also, a man and woman were arrested for fighting and children living with them were given over to custody of DFCS. (Poor babies. What chance do they have, growing up in a household where fights and arrests are the norm?)

And finally, a man hired a taxi to take him out of town to pick up a television. He then brought it home but tried to pay the taxi driver with narcotics instead of cash. When the driver refused--he wanted his money!--the man ran off. (But the police now know where he lives so wonder how long he'll be free?)

Gotta love our local paper! And our local criminals!

Saturday, January 9, 2016


On the outside, nestled close to railroad tracks, the place looks like an old warehouse. Stepping inside, it turns into a classroom for canopy students. The same feel, appearance, and odors mark it as a gym. But where most people go to exercise and box and lift weights, this gym is for aerial students. Most of them are female. So it's like a gymnasium for women!

This photo shows two classes going on. Trapeze class is in the front and the silks class (the pink and blue streamers) is toward the back.

Here is a closeup of some trapeze students:

And here are the silks students behind the trapeze students:

And here is a closeup of a silk student in the air:

If they fall, they have a thick mat on the floor but no nets. Scary, huh? Don't know if I'd be brave enough to try it!

Friday, January 1, 2016


We ended 2015 by going to St. Augustine, the oldest US city, with relatives. We took the tour, walked through the narrow streets filled with small stores and generally enjoyed ourselves. We've been before but playing tourist is always more fun with people you enjoy, isn't it?

This is the oldest schoolhouse in the US. You can barely see it, but the guy on the right is leaning against a huge anchor. A chain comes from it, goes up to the schoolhouse corner and wraps around the structure, which is slightly leaning forward. Maybe the chain is to keep it standing. I must admit, I felt uneasy standing in front of it.

And this is looking down one of the streets with the shops on either side. There were blocks like this!

Can't go to St. Augustine without going to the fort! Especially on a day just right for strolling and sightseeing! Isn't the view from the top marvelous?

Here's one of the rangers giving some kind of demonstration. They had one making a fire with flint, one telling about what the garrison soldiers ate (hardtack, dried beans, etc.) and some doing other stuff.

Overall, a lovely way to say goodbye to 2015! Here's hoping 2016 will be a great year for everyone!