Saturday, May 30, 2015


A friend gave me a book, saying it reminded her of my vintage mystery, LOSING DAVID. She also said that the plot goes off in another direction, but she enjoyed it. I read the blurb and it sounded so much like my story that I immediately read it.

THE IMPERSONATOR by Mary Miley did indeed have a lot of similarities to my book. An heir/heiress goes missing and is presumed dead. Years later, an actor/actress who looks remarkably like the missing person is approached to play the part. The time frame is the past, the mid-twenties/ early sixties.

But there are differences, too. Miley's actor is the heroine and mine is the hero (kind of).

And Miley writes in first person while I--though my first draft was in first person, I switched to third, then switched back to first, then back to third (rewriting every time, I might add!)--finally ended up using third person with different viewpoints. (I won't go into the reasons, but I'm happy with the result.)

My story is a stand-alone; there'll be no sequels. Miley's is the first of a mystery series.

My story has a definite romance while Miley's has a tiny bit.

Miley keeps the murderer's identity secret till the last (though most mystery readers won't be too surprised, I suspect) while I lay out the murderer's identity in the prologue.

Since Miley is writing a series, she leaves a few loose ends. Mine leaves a question, too, but not one that will lead to another story; I just didn't know the answer.

And of course, the twenties are a lot different from the sixties. Miley does a good job of evoking that era; I'm not sure how I did with the sixties but...

Anyway, I enjoyed the story. If anyone's read both LOSING DAVID and THE IMPERSONATOR, I'd love to hear your opinion. I'm really curious as to how others feel they compare

On second thoughts:  this sounds like a blatant plug so... Never mind. I won't ask you to go out and read them just to assuage my curiosity!

Saturday, May 23, 2015


My cat is old. Her brother passed away a few months back and it's taken her a while to adjust. He was about twenty and she, at seventeen, never knew our home without him. She was deeply disturbed and has been going downhill, her physical problems including barely eating.

The vet prescribed some steroid medication. His thinking is that rather than doing a lot of tests and exploratory surgery to see what's going on, let's just make her comfortable in her old age. I agree.

So she took the medicine for about a week and really perked up. Her yowling when using the bathroom stopped, her appetite picked up, she stopped throwing up, she seemed livelier and generally looked like she felt much better. A few days after getting off the medicine, the old symptoms started coming back.

I finally called the vet again and told him. He asked if she was still on the medicine.

"No, it only lasted about a week and there were no refills."

"I could have sworn I had her on it longer than a week. I should have given you refills. Well, let's try it again. This time, I'll give refills. She needs to be on it continuously for one or two months."

That same day, the drugstore filling the new prescription called. "I was filling this and I looked at your old prescription and thought the dose seemed high so I checked out the backup info. I'm so sorry. We had a new pharmacist in and..."

The new pharmacist thought the dose was one and a half teaspoons and that's what he put on the label. Poor Cat should have been getting one and a half milliliters so she was taking, like five or six times the correct dose!

No wonder she was feeling so good!

Here's our beautiful girl!

Monday, May 18, 2015


On our walk the other day, my guy pointed out what we think is an osprey nest. It's on one of those high ballfield posts. He took a couple of pix today.

These are the babies. Looks like they're about ready to fly!

And this is the mother with a baby beside her that you can barely see. The light pole itself is very tall, one of those that towers over the ball field.

Yesterday, we saw a large bird on a nearby pole. I theorize he was the father and was acting as sentry for his little family. Or maybe he was looking for tasty squirrels/mice/lizards to feed his growing kids.

Then again, maybe his wife had kicked him out of the nest!

Sunday, May 10, 2015


So we had some more weird crimes reported in the local newspaper this past week: I can't help but love this paper!

First some mundane reports:

A man's ex live-in boyfriend pushed and grabbed him, then yelled at him. Maybe the ex was trying to make up.

Someone rented some stuff, then pawned it. Tsk, tsk!

A woman's daughter hit her with a cup, leaving a cut on her finger. The daughter got arrested under the family violence law. Seems she was also on probation. Wonder what she was on probation for. Assault with a coffee pot?

Another person paid an employee of a business she'd used. Only he wasn't an employee after all. I'd take the money if someone handed it to me, too!

A man refused to leave the premises after he'd been served--guess it was a restaurant?--and police had to use a stun gun to get him out. Goodness. Looks like once he got what he wanted, he would have been happy to escape.

When children hit a parked car with their kickball, the owner came out and swore. Complaints about his cursing brought the police. What? Nobody called them about the rowdy children?

A man and woman were arrested for stealing tile from a house being renovated. Police caught the woman inside, but the man ran off to a nearby business and hid. Inside the bathroom. Looks like he found himself a comfortable hide-out! Wonder if he took a magazine or book in with him.

Then some strange items:

A man complained of harassment by his drug dealer. Seems he owed the dealer money for crack cocaine. And he told this to the police?

When chickens in town made too much noise, someone called authorities. Their owner was given a warning  Guess there's no fowl play law in the city!

A couple got in an argument while cooking and someone called police, but it ended peaceably when the man walked out. Seems they had been arguing over the best way to fix chicken. Heck, if my guy said anything to me about my cooking, I'd turn the stove over to him!

I can't help but wonder if these last two problems can possibly be connected. Noisy chickens; chicken for dinner. Hmm?

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I ate a bowl of cereal last week and bit down on something hard. I thought it was a small rock so I got it out and inspected it.

A tooth. Or part of one. About half of a molar that had been held together by fillings had broken off.

I was pretty sure I'd need a crown. The dentist saw me right away and verified it. Unfortunately, the tooth had broken off below the gum line so it seems an ordinary crown procedure won't do. No, I have to have something called 'crown lengthening' before I can have the tooth capped.

More expensive than a regular crown, he said sympathetically. But less expensive than a bridge or an implant. And the root wasn't exposed, he said encouragingly.

He needed a longer appointment time to do the pre-dental work for the crown lengthening, which is done by a periodontist or oral surgeon. So I'm going back in a few days for that. Then to the periodontist. Then back for the crown.

In the meanwhile, I keep tonguing half a tooth and wondering if it's going to break off. It's hard to remember to eat on the other side.

Maybe I can lose some weight.