Friday, August 29, 2014


Looking at our local paper the past week, our crime blotter had a couple of strange things.

A truck had its passenger side window broken. The owner's wife's purse was taken, containing her Honduras ID and a social security card. I guess the SS card was because she was working here?

Another case found the cops being called out to investigate loud music. They said they could hear the music a block away. Since they were on foot, they found a man rolling a cigarette in his car...with marijuana. Bet he wished the partiers had turned their music down.

Finally, a man got sick in a store and stumbled out to a nearby porch to go to sleep. When a policeman woke him, he was confrontational. So they got him for carrying four bottles of vanilla extract??? Ah, but the vanilla extract was 41% alcohol. Guess that's why he was confrontational.

Not in the crime blotter, but a front page article told about our local library getting its table and chairs back. Our two local libraries were in a system with several counties till last year. After requesting audits of the system's funds and not getting a response, our county withdrew from the system and set up our own. We also kicked the system's director out of our main library (which had been the system's headquarters). She sued to stay longer but lost. When she moved out (without allowing anyone to see what she took), she made off with monies that belonged to us along with a historic table and chairs presented to our library many, many years ago from a coastal mansion.

After more heated discussions, she finally resigned from the position head of the system now headquartered in another county. The new person in charge met with our board recently and we are indeed getting our table and chairs back. The other system also agreed to pay us the money that had been allocated to our library.

We readers are happy about that! Yes, justice sometimes prevails.

Monday, August 25, 2014


I love Belk's, our southern department store. It has nice quality products and the best sales around. A friend once bragged she got a dress for four dollars after using a couple of coupons on top of the percentage off the original price and the extra percentage off the sale price.

Anyway, we needed pillows. After sleeping on them for several months, pillows tend to get stained. I'm not sure if my nose runs or I drool, but the pillow gets gross. So when Belk advertised fifty percent off pillows and sheets, I decided to make the trip across the causeway to our local store.

I found the pillows that we like and brought them to the counter. A lady buying sheets used a coupon and when she'd finished, she offered it to me. "They don't care if you use them again," she whispered.

Sure enough, they took it. Another ten dollars off. Did I mention I love Belk's?

Turns out the new pillows were a tiny bit shorter than our old ones, though the extra padding made up for it. My guy joked they were like us: a little shorter and a little fatter than we used to be.

I wasn't amused.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


There's an item in my local paper today about the Ebola virus patient. The doctor caught it while doing missionary work in Liberia and was flown into Atlanta where he's recovering at Emory University Hospital.

Heck, he didn't need to go all the way to Liberia to get sick.

In this same paper was an item about a CDC scientist who accidentally mixed a deadly form of bird flu virus in with a tamer strain and then kept quiet about it. The supposedly tamer stuff was sent to other labs where unsuspecting employees played with it for several months before discovering what they were messing with.

And right on the tail of that scary item followed another about the trial in a deadly contamination of a Georgia peanut plant.  The owners allegedly covered up lab tests and knowingly shipped tainted products, knowing they tested positive for salmonella.

Woo hoo! Why go off to foreign countries to risk your life? Stay here at home and see what happens!

Saturday, August 9, 2014


I opened the blinds the other morning and looked out. A lovely English lady in our neighborhood usually walks early in the morning and was passing by. But she had stopped, staring at something in our yard.

A tree limb had fallen. No rhyme or reason. It just fell. Yes, it had drizzled a bit during the night but this seemed an excessive reaction.

My guy gets out with his lopper before he brings out his electric chain saw (his big saw has been with a relative since our move). A neighbor across the street sees and comes over with his big chain saw and cuts it up. He even gives us a phone number for someone who'll haul it away. So by lunchtime, we were back to normal. Except for the gaping hole in the tree.

When the leaves come off this autumn, guess it'll get taken down. Now we have to decide what to plant in its place so we can have some shade in the evenings.

I was later told Bradford pears often split like this.

I knew I never liked that sucker for a reason. Besides the awful smell, I mean.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


Big headline on yesterday's local paper -- "Study says Ga. coast vulnerable to flooding" -- scared me to death. Yes, I know a hurricane will one day hit and cover the island, but I feel we should have plenty of time to get us and the cats out. However, the article was about global warming.

It seems that with the seas rising (I guess from the arctic and antarctic ice melting), we are in extreme danger of being flooded. By 2100, the model predicts the oceans will rise 3.1 feet. The article gives lots of percentages for different scenarios (hurricanes among them) but the main thing I get is that, by the end of the century, we may be in trouble. I am horrified.

Down at the pier this morning, we sat in rocking chairs at the Casino and looked out at the rain on the ocean. And I'm thinking, could this be the one? Could this be the storm? How much water will it take?

I'm quite upset. Now, besides killer bees and alligators and the sun fading, I have to worry about rising waters. My nerves won't take much more.

My one consolation is that not that many years ago, everyone was predicting another ice age and warning temperatures were going down, down, down. Maybe in another couple of decades, scientists will come up with something else I can worry about.