Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pipe in Sea

Sitting on the pier, enjoying the breeze and cooling off from our walk down to the village -- the weather's been in the high nineties here! -- we spotted this pipe coming toward the pier.

Excited, we hopped up to see if it was a scuba diver or submarine or anything else interesting but no, it was just a pipe. Sticking up out of the water like it was looking for something. It floated beneath us and came out the other side and kept going to who knows where.

Thank goodness it wasn't a pipe bomb.


  1. how did the pipe manage to stay upright? That's so odd. You remind me that I need to add photos to my blog.

  2. Amen about the pipe bomb and than goodness it wasn't spewing oil either!

  3. Eek! I didn't even think about oil!


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