Sunday, June 30, 2013


Our island has someone who goes around and carves faces in suitable nodes on trees. I like them. They're kind of interesting.

But when we started walking the streets around our new home, I spotted this tree face. No carving. I think it's sculpture fastened to the tree. Pretty neat!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


We've had company for a few days but are getting back on our schedule. Today, instead of walking down to the village, we went over to the beach. Few people were out, and they mostly had dogs with them. This time of year dogs aren't allowed on the beach between 9 and 6 so owners have to walk their pets early or late.

It was great, seeing the sandy expanse with so few people on it! This is the view south:

And this is the northeastern view. The sun trying to shine down didn't help my photography, but the middle is sand, not ocean. You can see the waves from the lower right corner, going up toward the left. And barely a soul in sight! Lovely day! Lovely time to walk!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Went to a class reunion in north Georgia. We'd stayed at a chain motel the last time we went, but it wasn't the best experience. The only other lodging in the area was Serenity in the Mountains, a small spa/resort -- like thirteen rooms -- but the price was the same. I figured we'd try it and at least we'd know which one to stay at the next time. I had no idea it was featured in an issue of "Everyday with Rachel Ray" some years back. Was I surprised!

Didn't look like much on the outside because it's right in town, crammed in behind a gas station. No view, no swimming pool, no exercise room, no complimentary breakfast. Just the rooms on the lower level and the spa on the upper. A one-way driveway on one side to register, and another drive on the other side to park.

But the rooms weren't rooms. They were suites. Condos, actually. We walked in and gaped. To our left was the kitchen (photo was taken standing in the living area):  

The dining area was on the right and the living area was straight ahead. Note the fireplace and you can see the edge of the large screen TV. A rocking chair is also just out of sight. The door leads to the bedroom:

The bedroom boasted a hanging TV not in the photo but easy to view lying in the king-sized bed. Guess you can see we'd already had a nap! But hey, it took us seven hours to get up there. We were pretty beat. And also not seen in the photo is the door to the right leading back into the bathroom.

Did I say bathroom? A Jacuzzi tub and an open shower with a tiled seat. I'd trade the cats off just to have that shower in my house! You can see the shower head on the left if you look hard. The towels (used; yes, I waited till we'd settled in to think of taking pix) are hanging off the glass half-door and surrounding wall.

Of course there were the obligatory bear pictures (even one over the toilet paper roll) and other trappings of a mountain cabin. There were also robes in the closet for our free visits to the steam room/sauna. The other spa features had to be paid for, but alas, we had no chance to enjoy any of them. We got in, rested a half hour, showered, went off to the dinner, came back, crashed, got up and left early the next morning for a family reunion further down the road

Nice we could do both reunions in one trip, though. We'd have had to skip one otherwise.

But our stay at Serenity in the Mountains was great. Bet we go back. I can't wait. Maybe we can get there a day early to fully enjoy the services!

Friday, June 14, 2013


They used to call them reenactments. Now they call them living history. But it's the same thing: people dress up like people did in colonial, revolutionary, civil war times and make believe for a few hours/days. I've been trying to get my guy to join the group around here but so far, without success.

Last weekend, they had the reenactors/living historians at Horton House on Jekyll Island and we went over to see what was going on. There was the obligatory Oglethorpe (illustrious founder of Georgia) naturally, along with some firing demonstrations of muskets (loud). Oglethorpe is the one on the left--the one not hidden by the woman's mob cap on the lower right.

Thirsty? We got water in mugs made of the stoneware stuff that they used back then. But of course, with real dishes, you have to have someone to wash them. You can't see it, but she had a pan of soapy water on her left and a clear pan on her right. Guess this one was the first rinse water.

There were also spinning wheels. We got to see women spinning yarn, then we got a lesson on dying yarn. Another lady had indigo cakes and showed us how she dilutes them in water and dips the yarn for varying shades of blue. Dying her hands blue at the same time! See the blue stuff hanging up in the back? That's dyed yarn skeins.

There were also rope makers (twisting palm fronds/other plants to make ropes and then using the ropes to braid seats for stools and chairs), tinsmiths (kids were allowed to hammer designs in ornaments), rag doll makers (kids/adults were happy to put together the simplest rag doll design I've ever seen!), a butter churner (he made great butter), bread cooked in iron pots in the coal (with the homemade butter, talk about good!), and lots of other things.

Oh, and there was a colonial toy booth, featuring toys like sticks and hoops and other games. It was fun seeing today's electronic age kids trying to play with them.

All in all, we had a great time.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Went two or three weeks ago and got my hair cut. I'd wanted to let it grow out, but with summer's arrival, I changed my mind. So it got gone. Short all over but not in any style I recognized. A strand on one side curled up. A strand on the other side waved back to the mirror. My cowlick in the back stood straight up. Pretty discouraging.

So yesterday, I thought: Time for a change.

My beauty salon was crowded so I went up to the barber shop; they advertise family cuts so why not? Went in and asked, "Can I get a haircut?"

The lady said, "Sure. Step right back here."

Now I really look like Mark Harmon.

Do we ever get the haircut we want?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

RONE Finalist

I am a little shocked but quite thrilled to learn my SET UP is a finalist in the InD Tale contest. Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for it.

Now it and five other books go to a panel of judges who'll read and rate each one. The winner will be announced in conjunction with the Romance Novel Conference being held in Las Vegas this August. I even got a little award thingie! Isn't it cute?

Now if I can just figure out a way to get to Las Vegas...

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Our new house, though we had it sprayed before moving, has a few bugs. Itsy bitsy spiders and roaches. Or maybe palmetto bugs. (That's what the guy says they are. They look pretty roachy to me.)

Anyway, we were sitting in the den watching TV the other night, and the girl cat lets out the most earth-shattering shriek. I rush in and she's sitting in the bedroom doorway to the kitchen. She looks up at me, then cuts her eyes to something on the kitchen floor, then looks back up at me. "Do something."

I go over and it's a roach. Not a little one but not a big one either. Kind of medium size.

I peer at it and it looks dead. I tentatively prod it and it moves. I squeal and the girl-cat, still sitting there, looks at me like: "Hey, I called you in to kill that thing, not scream at me!"

So I stomp it and get a paper towel and put it in the trash.

The girl cat gets up and struts over to inspect where it had been on the floor. Then she struts around a bit more, rippling her tail like: "I did it. I saved the household. I'm Numero Uno around here."

The boy cat came out from his napping place and didn't know what was going on. Neither did the guy in front of the TV.