Thursday, June 3, 2010

Talking Pets

I've seen talking pets on TV before. Usually dogs. My cats aren't that smart but Roz is trying.

About 6 am she starts saying, "Meow-p," for "Get up."

Once I drag myself out of bed, it's "Meow-n," for "Come on!" as she hurries to the kitchen.

And once in the kitchen, she looks up and pleads, "Meow-t." "Eat."

I think with a little more training, I can put her on YouTube.


  1. My Balinese can sing, too, she knows one word, with her high pitched voice, it's an operatic aria...MMM-NOW. I could never put her on the web though. Typical, she'd hide before I could capture her performance.

    Cat Slave Nan

  2. My rabbit doesn't talk, but his actions say plenty.

    Sitting upright with ears back: pick me up
    Laying on the blanket covered vent: coem kiss and rub me
    Sitting on the apple rug with his ears straight up: Give me a treat

    He has us very well trained


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