Saturday, August 27, 2016


So I was reading the news last week and saw the headline: 1500 Americans Wash Up In Canada!

Hmmm, I think. Have the (fill in the blank with Trump or Hillary) ______ supporters decided their candidate is losing this far in advance of November? After all, what other reason could Americans have to brave the waters to get to Canada?

Reading on, the truth emerged. The people were engaging in an annual floating event in Michigan when high winds caught them and pushed them--yes, forced them--to the Canadian side of the St. Clair river.

Likely story. I'll bet they took advantage of the annual flotilla to hightail it out of the country.

In any event, they didn't get to claim asylum in Canada. These Canadians were on the ball, and the raft people were quickly met and deported.

Guess the (fill in the blank with Trump or Hillary) ______ supporters will have to think of a better excuse next time they try sneaking out of the country!

Having to spend all that money rescuing fleeing Americans did not endear us to Canada, I'm sure!

Saturday, August 20, 2016


This week, we had a ninety-two-year-old veteran finish his cross country run here on the island. He started October 7, 2013, in San Diego by touching the Pacific Ocean. He finishes today, August 20, 2016, on our island's East Beach when he touches the Atlantic Ocean. Oh, and yesterday was his birthday, so he's actually ninety-three!

Ernie Andrus is running to raise money to benefit the last operational landing ship used in World War II to land on the Normandy beaches. He and fellow veterans brought the ship back from Crete in 2000 (the History Channel had a documentary on their effort: The Return of LSD 325). Ernie was part of the crew on that voyage. They were going to take LSD 325 back across the sea in 2014 to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the landing but couldn't raise enough funds. Ernie originally intended the money he raises on this ocean-to-ocean run to be used to take it back in 2019 for the seventy-fifth anniversary. Unfortunately, the funds have not come in as he'd hoped.

But he's happy just to break even, he says. He looks on this trip as his last hurrah. And what an amazing hurrah it is!

And on a somber note, the restaurant who volunteered to cater a free lunch for Ernie and his supporters Saturday is based in Lousiana. Because of the flooding, they had to cancel. So our local restaurants, Halyards and Southern Soul, stepped up to help. Great people and great food! Almost makes me want to brave the crowds and go out Saturday for the party. Almost.

You go, Ernie Andrus!!!

Saturday, August 13, 2016


So I open the local paper to the headline "Robber Shoots, Victims Shoot Back" and am immediately drawn to read what happened.

Seems an armed robber came into a barber shop demanding money. After the owner, worried about his customers, quickly complied, the intruder left. One of the barbers grabbed a 9 mm (registered) he kept in the shop for protection and stepped outside. The robber fired at him so the barber fired back. Then he, joined by another barber and the owner, gave chase. Residents along the way helped direct them as they trailed the robber and waited for police to get there.

Finally, the robber went to ground, but a K-9 and his handler soon found him and arrested him.

"We've never had any problems at our shop," the bemused owner said. And he's been at the same location for twenty years.

I'm glad no one was hurt. I'm even gladder the neighborhood residents stepped up to the plate and helped catch the guy. With so much distrust between people and police nowadays, it's nice to hear about a small town like this where the two groups can get along

Barbershop pole isolated on white

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Well, we got to the eye doctor in Atlanta last week, and he took out stitches. Two. That's right. Two out of...sixteen? He says the others will come out 'when they're ready'! Kind of a downer since I'd hoped to get more out but that's okay. I can see and that's the important thing.

With all the travel taking up time, I thought I'd show a few more pix from Juliette, Georgia, where they filmed Fried Green Tomatoes. Again, these are photos I made with my own little phone so don't blame them on my guy who is really a great photographer!

This is the police station (closed), I guess for unruly crowds of which there were none on a lovely Thursday.

And there was an old country smokehouse. No one was around to ask whether it was still in use.

The old railroad terminal is now a gift shop and was also closed. I suspect they don't have too many tourists during the week.

Here is an old mill or factory that was quite picturesque.

And here are some sheep, grazing in their pasture across the railroad track.

A lovely little town!