Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Here's my girl cat with her doppelganger. She thinks she looks svelte next to Fat Cat. If she doesn't change her eating habits, she may soon be the same size!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Seems like I can't get by the lighthouse at night but I'll try to soon. Here's the holiday decorations in daylight. If you look closely, you can see a tourist standing up there.

Oh, and the big thing at the bottom is our much-loved right whale statue. No kids climbing on it today.

Friday, November 23, 2012


On our morning walk, we ran into workers stringing up holiday lights on palm trees down by the pier. We supervised a while, then went on our way.

At the lighthouse, we heard music. Yep, Christmas music. Couldn't figure out where it was coming from at first. Then we looked up.

Evidently, the lighthouse is about to be decked out for the holidays, too. This year, that must include music broadcast from the top because that was certainly where it was coming from.

After a couple of songs, the music ended and people were seen working. The first picture shows the lighthouse full length, the next shows the workers on top. If I get some nighttime pictures later on, I'll post them here, too.

I love the holidays! And not just for the food.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving and lots of turkey! I've had mine, thank you very much, along with dressing, cranberry orange salad, and other stuff that at this time make me feel almost nauseous thinking about eating. Especially the peanut butter pie. It was yummy at the time. Now...

Remember, this month I'm giving away earrings on my blog. Anyone who comments with the word 'earrings' somewhere in his/her the post is eligible to win. Here's a picture:

And here's the link to the store they come from:


Not many people entered so someone stands a pretty good chance of winning!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Flip-Flops and the Weather

My Teva sandals are the most comfortable shoes I have for walking, but it's been too cold to wear them. I considered wearing them with socks but my guy hints he won't want to be seen with me on our morning walk. So I'm wearing socks with some of those closed-sandal Tevas. They look like walking shoes from a distance and don't embarrass him so much.

Anyway, walking up from the pier on the sidewalk that parallels the beach, we sat down on a bench. A nearby bench held another man, in his jacket and hat like us, watching the waves. He told us about seeing dolphins a half hour earlier, but we didn't see them. As we got up to leave, I noticed he was wearing flip-flops. Without socks.

If he can do it...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

SET UP - Free for Kindle - Last Time!

I promise. Today and tomorrow November 17-18) are the last free days for my romantic mystery SET UP because it goes off Kindle exclusive at the end of the month.

So if anyone likes this kind of book, this is the last chance to get it free. Here's the cover:

And here's the blurb:

Three divorces should teach a man something, but hotel heir Cal McIntyre can't figure out what. Then a flashy redhead--the kind he adores--shows up. Since he's off women, he reluctantly takes a bet to seduce her. One more hook-up won't matter. Especially with this temptress.
But Amanda’s hair is dyed and she’s not about to be seduced. Her younger sister gambled with an heirloom engagement ring, and Cal won. If Amanda has to drug him to retrieve the ring and save her sister's marriage, so be it.
She doesn't count on Cal's kisses awakening a long-banished sexuality. Lucky for her, he passes out before she gets carried away. She escapes with the ring and virtue intact. Now to forget him.
But Cal tracks her down. And tells her he bought the ring. From her sister. Worse, someone stole diamonds worth millions after sheknocked him out. Cal wasn’t the only one set up.
There must be an explanation, but her sister can't give it; she's vanished. Now Amanda must help Cal find her sister or go to jail. She's determined to protect her sister, and he's determined to recover his diamonds.
Sparks are about to fly.

Friday, November 16, 2012


Took our walk this morning even though the temp was in the fifties!!! Brrr! We were a little late because we waited for it to warm up, so the tour van was parked by the pier waiting for a load of tourists.

Notice the two flags, American and English on it. That's because Oglethorpe, who founded Georgia before the Revolutionary War, used us as an outpost to keep the Spanish away from Savannah. We did the job nicely, fending them off with the Battle of Bloody Marsh in 1742.

The name is rather misleading since only seven Spaniards died during this battle along with one English defender from heatstroke. I always figured it for a massacre!

If you look closely under the blue pavilion left of the middle, you can see a ship anchored in the sound. I have no idea what this ship is doing but it's been here for over a week. Sometimes ships anchor there when their cargo hasn't reached the port; they don't have to pay port/mooring fees except for when they actually receive their loads. Maybe that's what it's doing. Anyway, here's a little better picture of it as it skulks around.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


This year hasn't been a good one. I lost my brother early this year. A few months later a critique partner died about the same time as one of my guy's aunts. Then a former coworker passed away.

Now I find one of my oldest friends is gone. She had leukemia that developed a year or so ago, but she went into remission. The last time we spoke, she was planning a trip to Mexico. She sounded great and was in excellent spirits. Now I find that she had to go to the emergency room while there. She came home, but yesterday the leukmia claimed her. I didn't even know she was out of remission so her death was a shock.

Deaths of people close to us make us realize how vulnerable we are, but everyone dies. That's the way of life. It's living without those you love that leaves a big void in the heart. Right now, I have several.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Today is Veterans Day. Our community celebrates tomorrow, Monday, with a memorial service but the intention remains the same: to thank veterans who served our country.

This year, our community is focusing on Viet Nam vets. Unlike other soldiers in other wars, survivors of Viet Nam were not feted and celebrated on their return. Sometimes the welcome home they received was no welcome at all.

Thankfully, opinions have changed. On our island, around a flagpole, there are bricks commemorating military people who died in different wars. Our local newspaper found the Viet Nam names and offered photos of as many as they could find. Most look like kids. Not surprising since many were barely out of high school. It's heartrending to think they lost their lives so young. It's heartrending to read about their families still grieving.

And while we take time to remember those who died, let's also remember those who suffered and who still suffer. Inadequate medical care and homelessness of surviving veterans should be eradicated. Mental help for those who need it should be provided. Our veterans, men and women who served and fought for our country, shouldn't have to wade through layers of red tape and deal with inadequate hospitals and bureaucratic indifference. We should demand our country live up to its promises.

Wouldn't that be the best way to celebrate Veterans Day?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Noticed where one woman hit another with her coffee mug. There was a witness so the suspect got arrested.  The coffee must really have been bad.

And someone broke into a house yesterday. They carefully cut out a front window, climbed in, and made off with...

Ta da!!! A band saw.

That's all. Nothing else.

Can't help but wonder if this theft was connected to the one where a thief broke in and stole only a large bottle of vodka. Maybe he needed the saw to cut the top off the bottle?

I love our local newspaper!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


And it looks like Shalanna has won the earrings! One final appearance:

So congratulations, Shalanna! Now, if you'll email me your info at cherylbdale@hotmail.com, I'll have them shipped to you ASAP.

And for those who didn't win, we have a different pair for November. These pearl beauties are similar to the ones Steve wore  (THE MAN IN THE BOAT) for the premiere unveiling of Mark's colossal sculpture.

Same rules. Comment on here (as often as you like) during November using the word earrings. Winner will be announced in my first December blog.

For anyone interested, here's the link to the Etsy store where they're featured: