Monday, June 7, 2010

Local Libraries

I volunteer at our local library each week.  Our library is small but has access to libraries all over Georgia so I don't feel deprived. In fact, small is nice. The librarians are pleasant and greet customers by name.

I like shelving books except for the nonfiction and children's. They are always out of order. Today a children's book fair was being held nearby so children kept coming in. They pulled books out and then left them for me to put up. At first I sighed, but then I realized, if a child cares enough to pick out a book and look at it, chances are one day s/he's going to be taking them down from the shelf and reading them him/herself. That's how they start loving books. And if it takes a little effort on someone's part, it's well worth it.

This is Miss Ginny who heads our local library; she always has a smile for everyone, even us grumpy people.

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  1. Cheryl has never been grumpy. I can almost attest to this with honesty.


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