Friday, August 31, 2012


So if you've been following the whale in Neptune Park saga, you know someone stole its tongue. Why anyone would steal a huge wooden tongue is beyond me, but they did. Sadly, it has not been recovered.

Last week we found a county employee putting a mesh wire over the opening. Good thing. Small kids could have fallen in and people were always throwing stuff in. Trashy people.

So this morning we went by and found...

Ta da!!!

From the front:

From the side:

Yes, they've covered up the wire mesh. Looked like some kind of plaster and it wasn't even quite dry. Now all they need to do is paint a tongue inside and it'll be...

Not good as new. Nope, not even close!

Anyone could see the old tongue was a tongue. Sob.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Have I mentioned how much I love our local paper? It gives all the hometownsy news like obituaries, wedding, festivals, fundraisers, and so forth, with the most interesting column being the crime reports. People are always walking up to strangers and hitting them, or stealing their roommate's wallet, cell phone, game box etc. or beating up on the ex-girlfriend/ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend/ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend etc. There's even  an occasional mention of national news that we don't need anyway since we get more than we can stand on Google or Yahoo or TV or whatever.

Yesterday's headline?

FORT STEWART SOLDIERS TIED TO TERROR PLOT!!!! (bold, exclamation points and caps mine)

Stunned to learn terrorists showed up so close to home, I read rhe second headline in smaller print:

Prosecutors say militia group planned to take over their base, bomb Savannah fountain!!!!! (again, bold and exclamation points mine)

Oh, the horror! Taking over Fort Stewart and...

Wait a minute. They planned to bomb a fountain? Reading on, I discovered yes, indeed, the dastards had designs on the Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah. You know, the one featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Forrest Gump and Cape Fear.

So they thought bombing Forrest Gump's fountain would help their cause? Hmmm.

On a more somber note, they're suspected of murdering a couple who would have revealed their plots. These people may not be exactly what I think of when I think of terrorists, but they definitely aren't good citizens. Good thing they're in custody.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


I blogged a while back about the tongue missing out of our whale down at Neptune Park. I pointed out how people were throwing trash inside it, and that the opening was large enough for a small child to slip through.

So a couple of days ago, we caught a county worker putting a metal mesh net in the mouth to block trash and kids from getting inside. We stopped and told him how happy we were they were fixing it. We learned, to our chagrin, that the county had not removed the tongue because it was coming apart as we had assumed. No, indeed.

Someone had stolen the tongue.

Now why would anyone want to steal a wooden tongue the size of a scooter wheel?

Anyway here's the latest pix even if you can't tell much about the wire netting that's supposed to keep trash and people out. Wonder how long it'll last.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


We have West Nile virus on our little paradise island. And it's close to us.

Every morning when we walk to the Village, we go by the park where mosquitoes were found bearing...yes, the dreaded virus.

Now I'm indecisive. Do we continue to walk and hope we don't get bit? Do we stop walking and gain weight? Do we walk but avoid the park area, thus adding far too much distance for my comfort? Do we spray with OFF (which I'm convinced I'm allergic to) and hope for the best? Do we walk only at the times mosquitoes won't be out? And if so, what times are these, pray tell?

Oh my. What to do.

Can you tell I'm freaking out?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


All right, I admit it. I'm hooked.

I don't usually play computer games, but I do keep Bejeweled and Angry Birds and a couple more on my phone to entertain young relatives.

One of them earnestly insisted I install Dragonvale. Actually, I think it went like this:

"You should put Dragonvale on your phone."
"You think so?"
"Yes. Then I can give you gifts."
"Yes. All you have to do is download the app."
"I don't know how."
"I do. Give me your password."

And presto, I got Dragonvale. The 'gifts' turn out to be 'gems' needed to purchase dragons and other stuff. Also turns out I can give her gifts, too. She even showed me how to play.

"Here's some money." Punch. Points are added to the money supply.
"We'd better buy you a food center." Punch. A little house is added on the screen.
The market also sells habitats, buildings, decorations, dragon eggs...All so you can build your own little dragon world.

And sometimes it leads you to buy stuff with real money. I pointed this out.

The blithe response from the knowledgeable nine-year-old. "Oh, don't worry about that. When it says to put in your password, just cancel it."

You get the picture.

Anyway, I can't stop playing. But I do have to give out gifts every twenty-four hours, right? I'm not addicted. Really I'm not. Why would a grown woman be addicted to building a kingdom of fire dragons and rainbow dragons and earth dragons and...

Monday, August 20, 2012


Excited last week to open one (of two) boxes and find they contained the Advance Reading Copies for my light mystery TAXED TO THE MAX coming out in December from Five Star. This will be a hardback, but I still didn't expect such nice Advance Copies. They're like trade paperbacks.

Now I have to figure out places to send them out to for review. Five Star has already done the main ones so I must dig around and find smaller places. Can't remember if the Atlanta Journal Constitution still does book reviews or not.

Oh well. Guess I'll soon find out.

Friday, August 17, 2012


I'm tired. After several weeks of unexpected deaths overwhelming us, expected friends and relatives visiting us, and expected-but-not-sure-when edits coming in, I'm ready to take time off.

I wasn't meant for this merry-go-round of upsets and out-of-ordinary events. I like my life to be ordered, predictable, laidback. Unexciting.

So now that our last visitors have gone home, I find I miss the two eight-year-olds chattering and running through the condo.

Even the cats, who pretended to hate being brushed and petted and oohed over by strange little people, seem to miss them. The girl cat shows no interest in the tennis players outside the window at all, and she's usually right there watching the ball go back and forth. The boy cat sits in the kitchen and meows for food because he's used to having little hands catering to him.

It's very quiet here now. Guess I'll work on those edits.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Having relatives next week and had left-over whole milk from the last set of relatives. So I decided to make a banana pudding using Granny's recipe. Or rather, Granny's recipe as written down while watching her throw in a teacup of this and a heaping spoon of that and guessing at this...

Naturally, mine did not turn out as well as hers.

Could it be I forgot the vanilla flavoring in the pudding part? Hmmmm?