Saturday, September 28, 2013


A friend stayed with us for a few days. She wanted to go to Savannah, so we drove up even though it was a drizzly, depressing kind of day.

I don't think she cared though. We went to the river front, ate lunch, raided the Peanut Shop's samples, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Here's the street scene:

And here's the Savannah Queen paddleboat:

This last was taken at Old Fort Jackson. This is the admission center and you can see the fort itself in the background:

All in all, a fun day even if we did get rained on!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


GabbyPhoto of sweet Gabby taken from the Jekyll Island blog.

A favorite of ours at the Turtle Center on Jekyll Island is saying her final farewells to visitors and staff as she prepares for a new life.

No, she won't be striking out into the ocean; she's going to Utah.

Gabriella, a five-year-old loggerhead sea turtle, came to the center in 2008 and was treated for various ailments. After paying for her medical care by going to Athens GA and educating inland people about loggerheads, Gabby came back to the center to be prepared for release.

Unfortunately, doctors found she has a spinal deformity that makes her bottom float higher than her top. Weight therapy and other treatments haven't helped. If she's released into the wild, she probably won't make it.

So the center has found her a permanent home: The Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, Utah.

A long ways from the beach!

Bye bye, Gabby! Hope you enjoy Utah. You've given us a lot of pleasure in the past years.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


I think I mentioned in an earlier blog that our new house was near the Bridge Center. Took me weeks to realize it meant 'bridge' as in the card game and not 'bridge' as in the Golden Gate and other bridges. In fact, I only discovered it when we went by one day and saw cars parked on the road with signs directing people to where the tournament was being played.

Naturally, the Bridge Center being so close to us and all, when an ad came out for beginning bridge lessons, I signed me and my guy up. Despite his rather vocal protests.

Good for the brain, I told myself. A chance to socialize and meet new people, I told myself. One day a week for two hours can't be that bad.

We have gone to two lessons now and his protests are fading. As for me, I must have been out of my mind.

There are rules in bridge. Me being the tell-me-I-must-do-something-and-I'll-immediately-do-the-opposite kind of person I am, discovering this has been a big shock.

And you have to remember things. Counting points is fine, but figuring out what to do with them...

I can't very well quit if he doesn't though. Not after I forced him to go.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I blogged a few days ago about the wedding that took place under the great oaks at the historic county courthouse. I even put in a picture of the gorgeous bride and handsome groom. I didn't put in a picture of myself, you are probably happy to know.

I will tell you I wore my "vintage" dress, though.

I keep most of my clothes until they become ragged so I have quite a few old dresses. One Thanksgiving when we were alone, I wore this particular one out to a nice restaurant. This well-dressed couple finished before us and as they walked by our table, the gentleman stopped. "I have to tell you I just love your dress. Is it a vintage?"

I started to deny it hotly, then realized: 1) It wasn't new. 2) He wasn't being facetious. 3) "Vintage" sounded a whole lot better than "Uh, no, I've just had it for years."

So I smiled graciously and said, "Yes. Yes, it is."

After his wife chirped her admiration, too, and they left, I started eating again. "Imagine that," I told my guy. "Vintage. Why, that means it had to be made in the..."

I counted back to when I'd got it and realized the awful truth. It was indeed vintage.

I feel so old. But at least when I wear it for special occasions, I know at least one couple thinks it's stylish.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Uh, not exactly.

It seems her grandson and the company responsible for her book rights have decided to bring in a ringer. Sophie Hannah, who writes mysteries under her own name, will pen the new Hercule Poirot mystery. This despite the fact Agatha Christie finished her Miss Marple and Poirot (actually killing him off) series so no one could do this very thing.

Christie isn't the only one being exploited this way. Gone With the Wind had a sequel by a romance writer, Alexandra Ripley. Eric Van Lustbader is singlehandedly keeping Ludlum's Bourne series going. The James Bond series has had several writers since Ian Fleming's death. One of these trying-to-be Flemings is Sebastian Faulkes, who is also -- da da dum!!! -- penning a new Jeeves book!

Say what? How do you reconcile Fleming's voice with Wodehouse's?

As an author, I detest the idea that some other writer would take characters I dreamed up -- sweated over, brought to life -- and do whatever they like with them. And I hate it for these other dead authors. Especially when one of those characters is the beloved Poirot.

I didn't buy Scarlet O'Hara's imitation and I won't buy Poirot's. In fact, I try not to buy anyone's work who exploits that of another writer.

So take that, HarperCollins!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Fort King George celebrated Labor Day with one of their living history weekends. People camped from Thursday night to Monday, with visitors welcome in the daytime Friday through Monday. Thought I'd focus on the cooking and game stuff.

Some pots, tea kettle, and coffee pot:

Turkey roasting over a colonial type grill:

These belong to the nine pin game. Don't know what happened to the two balls the players use.

And here are the hoops. One little boy got pretty frustrated because he couldn't keep one rolling.

Not cooking or games, but had to get in the cannon being loaded. Those things are loud!

Hope everyone else had a good Labor Day, too!