Thursday, June 17, 2010


We watched this DVD last night. I never heard of it but somehow it got on our list. I'm still not sure I ordered it but I'm glad it came.

When we started watching, I thought, okay, another HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, which was fine as they were entertaining.

But this movie was quite good, with deeper undertones about a boy navigating between first love, fitting into high school, growing away from his ditzy mother, and dealing with feelings for a father who killed a boy while driving drunk.

I don't like depressing films but this one wasn't. It was cute. And the music was good.

I've always loved the old musicals and I'm glad to see they're still making them for today's generation.


  1. I never heard of it. An independent film, perhaps?

  2. Independent? Dunno. I never check stuff like that. The blonde from FRIENDS plays the hero's mother. Lisa Kudrow? Something like that.

  3. Hmmm, who were the other actors in it? I think I've heard of it. Was this a Netflix situation...


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