Saturday, November 25, 2017


I hope everyone duly gave thanks this past Thanksgiving Day for all their blessings. I know I did. I am especially thankful this year for our free press.

In particular, I am happy to find our new town's newspaper features a crime blotter. And sometimes there are some interesting items. Such as:

A guy tried to pass off a bad check, but the clerk had seen checks from that company before and realized it was fake. He called 911 but the would-be check casher fled before police arrived. However, he left his driver's license behind. Police got a warrant. Bet he was kicking himself for his stupidity when they picked him up!

Another man was sitting in his living room on his sofa...maybe he was reading or watching TV; I don't know...when a Ford Focus burst through the wall and knocked the resident into a coffee table. Luckily, he wasn't hurt and refused transport to the emergency room. Seems the driver was trying to park. What? How can you mistake someone's home for a parking garage?

And there was the case of a couple attending the football game, then returning home to find their house burglarized. About $5000 worth of jewelry, electronics, and clothing was stolen. And to cap it off, the refrigerator doors were left wide open! Bet all their food was spoiled.

Ah, I think this will be an interesting place to live!

Saturday, November 18, 2017


I think I mentioned my guy has a new grill. We had to get one since we sold our island home with nearly everything still in it, including the grill! Anyway, thought I'd show it and brag on his cooking a bit.

Here's the grill:

Here are pork chops, grilling. Boy, did they smell good!

And here are the finished chops:

So we put them on the plates along with a sweet potato and green beans:

I'm delighted to say they didn't last long!

Ummmm, good!

Saturday, November 11, 2017


Ever heard of a cotton gin? Cotton farmers take their cotton to them to get the seeds taken out. Not many of them around now, not like fifty years ago.

But last week, we went to a festival celebrating them. The parade was mostly tractors. All kinds of tractors. Old tractors, new tractors, high tractors, low tractors, red tractors, green tractors...

They must have come from every little town in the vicinity. And the drivers ranged from weather-beaten farmers to mothers/fathers/grandparents with children to Santa Claus himself. Here are some pix my guy took:

The line stretched on forever, it seemed. For over an hour we watched tractors, some pulling trailers with people. There were also cotton pickers, pickup trucks; and a few horse groups:

The crowd was large. I couldn't believe so many people turned out to see a bunch of farmers driving their tractors through the little town of Bostwick! This was just before the parade started:

And this was about halfway through the parade. By that time, I was wishing I had someone's shoulders to sit on!

Afterward, we saw people walking around with stalks of cotton and discovered a nearby field was open for picking. We were tired and we've picked cotton before, so we skipped this part.

People lined up to tour the cotton gin even though it wouldn't start working till an hour or so later. We were too pooped to wait, but my guy did go through the empty building.

Oh, and I naturally found something good to eat. This funnel cake was one of the best I've had!

Small town festivals! You've got to love 'em!

Saturday, November 4, 2017


In coastal Georgia, we had a little autumn color but not like north Georgia. It's quite nice to be back where most of the trees have leaves that turn in the fall.

These trees line a road going toward our house:

And these are pix of our pond:

And these are some geese on our pond just as the leaves started turning. They were only here for a couple of days so I guess we were just a stopover as they flew further south for the winter.

I loved our island home but you can't beat autumn in north Georgia!