Saturday, June 24, 2017


We're about to close on our house. Next week, as a matter of fact. Since the termite bond covered re-treating and repairing termite damage, all is fixed and we are good to go. So since we can't start on the work we want to do (replacing patio and bedroom French doors, remodelilng the bathroom, taking down wallpaper, et cetera), we've been kind of hanging around.

My guy got a new camera this past week so we went to the Georgia Botanical Gardens to try it out. He got some great pix, as usual.

There were several beautiful blue dragonflies and here's one on a pitcher plant:

Then he found some bees:

And when he leaned over to shoot a water lily, I couldn't resist taking a picture of my own. "Don't let me fall in," he said. Like I could stop him if he started to fall! And naturally my phone photo isn't nearly as sharp as the ones made with his new camera. But I thought it pretty entertaining!

I expect that once we close on this house, we won't have too much time for fun excursions for a while.

Saturday, June 17, 2017


So after moving to a new town and learning our way around, we think we've found a place to live. After being in a tiny apartment for three months, we are ready to get into a house! Not only do we need to stop stumbling over each other, but it's summer and my guy needs a place to grill.

After discovering houses in our price range were selling so fast we didn't have time to make an offer, a new one came on the market that we offered on right away. When our offer was accepted we had the house inspected.

My guy wanted the crawl space looked at and specified a thin inspector because the opening was only twelve inches high! And the main inspector was a small woman who certainly knew her job. Here she is, outfitted to go under the house. See the narrow white rrectangle at the bottom? That's where she had to enter!

And here is a photo of her entering.

Evidently, the space itself, once she got in, was about a foot and a half high. But she stayed under nearly an hour, going over every inch. I don't think I could have done her job if my life depended on it. I kept thinking of snakes and spiders and all that dark, claustrophobic area.

Anyway, she found leaks and termites but nothing structurally wrong. So we're waiting to hear what the termite bond covers and then we'll go from there.

I still shiver, thinking about her job!

Saturday, June 10, 2017


The county next to us has an art association my guy recently joined. They were having an exhibit of members' works so he was able to get a photo in. The building is a schoolhouse built in 1902, recycled as an art gallery. Here's the outside:

Members displayed all kinds of art, from paintings to photography to jewelry to pottery to books. Some were quite amazing.

These are a couple pix of the inside. First, a small gallery:

Next, the large gallery:

And here is my guy's photograph:

Great place but they definitely need a better hanging system. They have to drive nails to hang every show!

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Exploring our new home, we found a great park almost in town. The Bear Hollow Zoo is comprised of 225 acres in woods and wetlands, and it offers a home to over twenty-five animals unable to go back into the wild. Many are injured in some way, but there were a few orphans saved and raised by humans (leaving them unable to survive on their own), and a couple of instances where the animal refused to go back into the wild. Following are some pix my guy took:

Here's a hawk:

Notice this owl has only one eye:

The noble-looking bald eagle has a wing injury and can't fly:

The bobcat is named Katie:

Here is the male of the orphaned black bears. Two others are sisters and are several years younger.

This turkey was fascinating! He strutted around like he owned the place, spreading his tail feathers and ambling toward us from behind his fence as if calling for attention. Handsomest bird in the zoo!

This placid deer kept the arrogant turkey company in their large enclosure:

And just to make us feel at home after leaving the island for the hills, the alligator had its own pond:

The zoo is free and the walking is easy! I think we're going to like it here!