Saturday, September 26, 2015


We drove two hours to get to my eye doctor last week. Scarring on my cornea is making my vision worse so I'm getting special contact lenses in hopes of avoiding a cornea transplant.

I'd been for a preliminary fitting about a month ago; seems these lenses have to be fitted to the eyeball before they add the prescription. The first technician tried to insert them a few times with no success. So she called in a second technician who after a few tries got one in. The doctor came in, looked at it, said I needed another size. So again, I got poked in the eye a few times before both lenses were in and approved. After that, I had to wait while the lenses were sent off to get the prescription added.

So this last visit was to make sure they fit, that the prescription worked, and that I could learn how to insert them myself. Ha ha! When it takes a couple of trained technicians to get them in, I'm just not sure I'll ever learn. Especially since I've never worn contacts.

But the technicians finally got the new lenses put in.

The good news is that I read the eye chart like Superman! I was so excited.

The bad news is that the lenses do not fit correctly. They were touching the cornea in a few spots which is a no-no.

The lenses are going back to the place where they're made--handmade, I might mention. And a new pair will be sent later and I'll go through this again.

So I won't be able to see well for another two to four weeks.


Thank goodness for my Kindle and its big fonts!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Our local newspaper's crime column appears occasionally, sharing items from different police reports. The latest one features the usual: an arrest for an outstanding warrant, a robbery, a K9 unit sniffing out a suspect, etc.

As sometimes happens, there were a couple of interesting ones. An SUV hit a utility pole, and its driver got out and ran off. Strangely, he came back later. And got cited for breaking several laws. Bet he wouldn't have come back if he'd known the cops were still around!

Then a man used a BB gun to take another man's iPhone 4S. He tossed the gun as he got away. A BB gun? A 4S iPhone? Surely he could have waited for a later model to come along!

Then police responded to a call from a store about a man trying to fight another customer. The aggravator ignored attempts to calm him down. So police used a stun gun on him. That'll teach him not to lose his temper!

And we had a person performing a lewd act while watching a sporting event at a park. Several people saw him so he was arrested. Wonder what he was...No. No, I don't even want to imagine!

Love our local newspaper! It's fascinating to see what people get up to!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Hummingbirds are dainty little creatures, but I haven't had much luck with them. I set out a feeder last year and again this spring. A month or so ago, one finally showed up. He's not very friendly though, coming out only when he thinks we're gone.

But we just came back from a trip where we visited some relatives near Atlanta, where both houses had out feeders for the cute little critters. In fact, one house had two. Evidently, they get refilled every other day and I could see why. The hummingbirds were flying around, chasing each other off, drinking, and sometimes just sitting on the little perch. There must have been a dozen of them.

The other house had only one feeder, but it too was a busy place. Six or seven little birds seemed mostly set on rushing at each other and scaring other birds away, though occasionally they would land and drink.

"I think they like the nectar best when it ferments a little," the homeowner said. "I noticed a wasp drinking the other day. He lapped and lapped and lapped and when he finally flew away, he was weaving."

Drunk wasps! What next?

She also offered a photo of a pregnant hummingbird taken a few weeks ago. "You can see the egg bulge in her fat little stomach."

And you can!

Love these sweet birds!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Although we haven't had any interesting crimes lately, we do have other news. Like...

Jekyll Island is getting an ice skating rink!!!

"What?" you ask. "How can this be? Not only does it not snow on Jekyll, it seldom gets below freezing.

Synthetic ice is the answer. Evidently, they're setting up an artificial ice rink with a view of the ocean for tourists' -- and locals! -- enjoyment. We won't have to deal with the cold! We are so excited!

And today there was this headline:

Russian Spy Ship off GA Coast

"Really?" you say. "Are they looking for peaches or did they get lost?"

No, evidently they're spying on our submarine base where our latest, super duper submarines are housed. Maybe they have super duper spy equipment that will let them look through the walls and figure out blueprints or whatever. I have faith in our military, however. I'm sure we have any x-ray vision cameras blocked.

And finally this:

Film Crew Sets Up Shop Downtown

Yes! Confirmation of the rumors! Ben Affleck has indeed picked us for some of the scenes in the movie he's filming. This is more exciting than an ice skating rink and a Russian spy sub!

Evidently the film will be based on a Dennis Lehane novel set in Boston in the 1920s.

We do have some old buildings downtown that might work for a seedy Boston. Of course, I have no idea how the palm trees can be explained. Maybe they can crop them out.

Hey, that skating rink may come in handy!

Oh, and I bet that sub was lurking around hoping for a glimpse of a movie star!