Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Okay, just a couple of days for people to enter my January earrings giveaway. All that's necessary is to post the word 'EARRINGS' in a comment this month. The winner will be announced on my first post in February.

The earrings are pretty amber ones, some the heroine in my book THE WARWICKS OF SLUMBER MOUNTAIN might wear. Here's a photo:

And here's the Etsy site they're coming from if you want to check it out:


Monday, January 28, 2013


Yep, that's what the local paper says. Are you wondering why?

Seems it gives the shrimpers something to do when the shrimp season is over. The pay isn't too bad and it's easier than shrimping.

So who buys these netted jellyfish?

Asians! Evidently, they're crazy about them.

How do they get from here to Asia?

The jellyfish are dehydrated at some East Coast dehydrating factories (ever heard of a jellyfish dehydrating plant?) and sent overseas. There, they're rehydrated and used as...Wait for it...

Salad toppings! Ah, can't you just imagine eyeballing your salad and having it gently wave back at you.

Georgia jellyfish are much sought after because they're evidently humongus little boogers that the Asians prefer. These are cannonball jellyfish we're talking about. I've been down at the pier before and watched scores of the beautiful iridescent creatures wash under one side and go out the other with the tide.

So now there's a use for them. Good deal (though you won't catch me trying one). Season starts February 1. (Yes, there is an official jellyfish season.) Can't wait to see those shrimp boats out netting jellyfish.

What great things we learn from the local newspaper!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Everyone probably knows I've been giving away earrings each month for one person who comments with the word 'earrings' in their post. The last month's pair went to a commenter in Canada. I had a problem ordering and earrings ended up coming to me and I forwarded them on to her. After filling out appropriate paperwork with help from two postal employees. Bless them.

I got word yesterday that she had just received them! Took them that long from the original order on January 4th to get to me on the 10th, then took from the 11th when I mailed them to get to her. This seems kind of stretching it out.

Anyway, I apologized for the hang-up. Maybe next time I have a Canadian winner, I'll know how to handle it.

Or maybe not! I'm not up on techie stuff and evidently, I'm clueless on mailing stuff, too.

Here's the picture of the earrings I'm giving away for January.

They're amber, to kind of go with my Warwicks of Slumber Mountain ebook. Here's the store they're from:


Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well, this morning we mailed out a hundred and fifty-eight first chapters of  TAXED TO THE MAX, my light mystery hardback. There should have been a hundred and fifty-nine--the number of tax commissioners in Georgia--but evidently we lost one somewhere.

Don't know where we lost it or how we lost it. We had 159 first chapters, a label for each county, and we put them together and stuffed them into a box. We took it to the post office, got a hundred sixty stamps, put them on and had two stamps left over instead of one.

So I counted the chapters and yep, there were only a hundred fifty-eight first chapters.

I hate it when things like that happen!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


My cat thinks he's a dog. When I eat, he puts his feet on my knee and looks at me like a dog. All hopeful and pleading.

"Don't beg," I say. "You're a CAT. Cats don't beg."

He doesn't listen but continues to give me the soulful look.

"Cats rule the world," I lecture. "They tell everyone else what to do. They do not beg."

My admonishing doesn't stop his begging. If I don't give in, my guy does.

And when I feed him and his sister, he wolfs his food down like a you-know-who (which means he's liable to throw it up like dogs do). Then he rushes over to push his sister back from her dish. She pushes back but it's useless. She may be queen of the house, but when it comes to food, the boy cat is immovable.

"You aren't a dog," I tell him. "Cats are finicky eaters. You need to take lessons from your sister."

She smirks at him, but he doesn't care. He's too busy cleaning her plate because while she was daintily eating half of hers, he has swallowed his food whole.

I'm wondering if a cat psychiatrist could help. Maybe it's a lack of self-esteem?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


We managed to walk again this morning. Not as long as usual but we're gradually getting over the crud.

The weather--on January 15th!--is wonderful. Mid seventies again today. This is why we moved down here!

These photos are of the church across from our complex that we go by when we walk. Notice the poinsettias in the foreground? Still lovely this long after Christmas. And behind them is a blooming hibiscus. It and the azaleas think spring has sprung! Are they gonna be in for a shock when the cold weather swoops down, maybe this weekend. Not looking forward to it.

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Still not quite up to walking yet, so no pix from outdoors. Instead, here's a picture of the girl-cat in her pirate house. She got new tissue paper in it after Christmas (from all the presents) and loves to get in and make it crackle. So far, she hasn't let the boy-cat inside; he's only been allowed to sit and watch her make herself comfy.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


Well, we're about over the crud. It's been a couple of weeks now, but it seems longer.

Head draining--I must have used five boxes of tissues--nose stopped up and a cough. All the good stuff. The cats weren't too pleased; our coughing disturbed their sleep, even ran them off the bed.

We must be feeling better though. We brought in fast food today!

The weather is gorgeous, temps in the sixties and seventies, but we haven't felt much like walking. Maybe tomorrow or Monday, we can get out again. And maybe the crud won't come back.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


So the local art association put up a new show in their gallery. The main part is devoted to magazine covers (done by artists) for the local Chamber of Commerce. The free magazine is called Paisley and is available in local shops and businesses.

However, a portion of the gallery was given over to art association member photographers of whom, ahem, my guy is one. Here's a couple of his photos. Overlook the people. It's a typical opening: people are meeting, eating, drinking, and gabbing.

This one was placed over the piano so you can barely see it. It's of the Pier Village kiosks decked out in their holiday lights and glamorized by Photoshop or one of those programs I know nothing about.

Two are in here but you can only see one; the big one of the shrimp boat is his. People are clustered in front of the other one, alas. It was also a shrimp boat but it was docked.

Anyway, it was a good opening. Nice crowd, good food, lots of drinks, much conviviality!

Friday, January 4, 2013


Is it really the fourth day of 2013? Wow, how time flies!

This month, I'm giving away a set of amber earrings reminiscent of the ones Lindy wore for her last dinner with the formidable Warwicks when she dressed only for Gareth. Before Cavanaugh threatened her. Before the two men fought over the deed both wanted that Lindy possessed.

Thinking back, I realize those earrings were topaz and her necklace was amber. But that's okay. These are pretty, aren't they?

Same rules as before. Comment with the word 'earrings' in post to enter drawing.

And here's the link to TalismanMoon on Etsy:


Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year, everyone! I hope next year will be wonderful!

We celebrated with the crud -- for a week now -- but are nearly well. The cats celebrated a little too much. They hid under the bed during the fireworks, but the boy-cat came out to get in the bed with us later. He was so groggy -- I don't think he was inebriated, but who knows what they were doing under there? -- he couldn't quite make the jump and woke me up, hanging on by his claws. To the comforter and not me, thank goodness.

After I reached down and pulled him onto the bed, he conked out.

Hmm. He does look a little hungover today.


The earring winner for December is Kairbear 2468. Kairbear, if you'll email me at cherylbdale@hotmail.com with your mailing address, I'll have the earrings sent to you.

For anyone who's interested, another pair will go up soon for January's giveaway.

Happy 2013!