Sunday, June 28, 2015


I don't know how many sites there are that will send you online newsletters for reduced price and free books, but I think I must belong to most of them!

It takes at least an hour just to scroll through them every day. Some days I just have to hit delete and let any good deals pass me by.

There is Book Bub, of course. Everyone's heard of it, I'm sure.

Then there are The Fussy Librarian, eReaderiQ daily, and Ebook bargain UK (but you can sign up for different countries including the USA).  Add to that Ereader News Today, the Kindle Book Review, and There are also Free Kindle Books and Tips along with

And I also subscribe to Digital Book Spot, which I don't often look at because it lists so-o-o-o many books, it takes all my allotted time!

I found these when one of my books went on sale for $.99, and I wanted to do a little advertising. Unfortunately, ads run anywhere from eight dollars to four hundred. I did put a couple in some of the cheaper sites but didn't get much of a bounce in sales.

But I certainly have picked up a lot of book bargains!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2015


This spring, we had a Bradford pear tree cut down because it had gotten so big the limbs were splitting off. One just missed the house.

Later, we set out a Meyer lemon tree because I love the fruit. The lemons aren't hard and sharp-tasting like regular lemons. They're less acidic and about the size of an orange. Granny Dale had a bush at her Florida house and we always brought some back when we could.

So we (actually, my guy) picked out one with lots of blossoms and planted it. When the lemons started making, he pinched off some so the others could thrive. The tree's about three feet high and its lemons are getting bigger.

They should be ripe sometime this fall. Then we'll juice them and freeze the juice in ice cube trays, then bag the cubes up so we can take out however many we need. (We learned this from Granny Dale, too.)

I keep thinking of lemon bars and lemon pie and lemon cake--most of which I rarely make but it's nice to dream, right? We'll use the juice for sauces and marinades for sure. Maybe even to make lemonade and add to iced tea!

Can't wait!

Sunday, June 14, 2015


My cat likes to stick to a schedule. She wakes us up somewhere between 6:15 and 6:45 every morning, meowing in my face. She looks like this:

If I don't get up, she waits patiently. For about five minutes. Then she pat-pat-pats my face and meows some more. Loudly.

I get up, feed her the food, give her fresh dry food and water, and clean her box, By then she's ready to nap. She sits quietly in the bedroom, waiting for us to make the bed up. Again, she's very patient. Unless we don't get it made up in a few minutes. Then she climbs back in and we have to move her to make it up which she doesn't like and so she protests pretty noisily.

Lunch, she strolls out as we're eating. I have to feed her wet food again. Otherwise, she stays underfoot till I do.

After lunch, she waits beside the bed to see if I'm going to take a nap. If I don't, she takes one by herself.

For supper, she starts demanding food early. I have to feed her before we eat. Lately, we've been giving her the steroid (tiny dose!) after supper and then giving her some of what we ate as a treat. She loves my guy's grilled stuff: pork chops, steaks, chicken, fish... I must admit, he's an expert griller! That might be why she doesn't eat so much of her cat food.

Then it's TV time. If we don't go toward the den, she stands in the door and looks at us expectantly. Once we sit down, she meows to be picked up and placed on the sofa between us. This is when she gets brushed. When she's had enough of that, she cuddles up with my guy. Strangely, only when we watch TV does she want to be with him. She follows me around the rest of the time.

When it's time to go to bed, she leads the way, looking back to make sure I'm following her. She sleeps by my feet, sometimes so quietly I don't know she's down there.

Until morning when it starts up again.

She gets upset when we do something different. I guess because she's getting old and set in her ways. And of course, we just do what she wants. It's easier that way.

I'm just glad she's stopped yowling in the middle of the night.

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Looking out into our postage-stamp of a back yard:

Our lilies are starting to fade but are still pretty.

And this bird came up to the feeder the other day. I don't know what he is, but he has a splash of red on his wings that you can't see in the picture. We hadn't noticed him before or since. Maybe he was just passing through.

And I could not get a photo of our cardinals. Every time I tried to take one, they spotted me and flew away. A couple have been eating at our bird feeder for some time and lately, they've shown up with a large baby. Well, it can fly so I guess it's technically a fledgling.

What seems strange to me is that the mother and father feed it from the bird feeder. The baby sits on the table or a chair, and a parent comes down from the feeder and puts food into its mouth. A couple of times, the baby has lit on the feeder and seems to be eating, then she goes back to her old habits, waiting to be fed.

This has been going on for several days now. I'm wondering if the baby is a little slow? Seems like she ought to be able to feed herself by now.

But what do I know? Maybe this is what all birds do!