Saturday, April 28, 2018


So I had an eight-year-old visitor the other day and we walked down to the pond to look for the goslings. I got a bag with a few slices of bread and we took that to feed them.

She and I made it down the hill but we didn't see the goslings. As my visitor threw bread crumbs to the fish, she was delighted to see some turtles swimming up and gobbling it down.

Then a lone goose swam toward us. Instead of scrabbling for the bread with the turtles and fish, he clambered up on the bank and eyed my bag and honked. When he headed toward us purposefully, we detoured in a different direction and there were a couple with five or six goslings The father stepped in front of his little brood protectively, so we had second thoughts about feeding them.

Retreating, we ran into the first goose. He headed straight for my bread bag. Alarmed, I shook it at him. "Go away!'

He hissed at me and kept coming.

I herded my visitor around him, going back to where we could feed the fish and turtles and another goose couple who'd swum over. With a flurry of wings and honking, here came the whole goose family after us. We fed everyone without incident.

Until the aggressive goose came waddling toward us fast as he could. We hastily threw out the remaining bread.

Then all the geese started making noises. The one persistent goose hemmed us in. The others started climbing the bank.

My visitor squealed. "Let's leave!" she said.

"Good idea!"

We beat a hasty retreat as the geese bore down on us. They didn't stop chasing us till we reached the road.

"Wow!" I wiped my brow. "That was kind of scary."

"I know I was scared," she agreed.

"I thought we were going to be trampled by a bunch of geese! Wouldn't that be awful, to be caught in a goose stampede!"

She corrected me. "A goose apocalypse!"

Here's a picture of the couple and their goslings. Didn't realize the daddy geese stayed so close to their families!

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Spring keeps popping into the spotlight, then letting Winter have the stage again.

Here are some poppies from the Botanical Gardens:

And this is my neighbor's snowball bush. Don't think I've seen another one this tall!

And here are a pair of the geese that wintered over. If you look really hard, you can see one little gosling between the momma on the left and the tree:

And here you can see another little gosling, leading the way.

There were several more babies but I was afraid to get too close. Momma and Papa eyed me suspiciously!

A couple of days later, we could only see two or three. I'm afraid something is getting them even though the parents seem very protective.

It was down to forty degrees last night and will be again tonight, then will warm up again. I keep getting out my sandals and then have to put them away. Sigh. Maybe soon I can get a pedicure.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Okay, the local paper has crime incidents every day. Some of them are quite interesting.

A guy ran off the road and down an embankment, then passed out or fell asleep. When he came to, he told officers he was "good" and tried to leave. When asked about the smell of alcohol, the drive said he'd been downtown and had probably been drugged. However, officers saw an open beer beside the driver's seat and a 24 can carton with only four beers left. Hmmm. Looks to me like the drug of choice was alcohol.

Another driver stopped her minivan in the middle of the perimeter highway. When an officer checked to see why it was stopped, he smelled marijuana. The driver denied she had any pot, then said a passenger earlier might have been smoking some. The officer pointed out she had two containers of pot on the front seat in plain sight, but she continued to deny she had any pot. Talk about a state of denial! Is Trump's propensity to lie rubbing off on everyone?

Further proof of Trump influence: a woman's boyfriend called her at work to tell her he was using the toilet and it suddenly overflowed. "Suddenly," huh? She came home to find her toilet...shot! Yep, the bullet fragments on the floor offered concrete proof. Her boyfriend denied he shot it but left before police arrived. Not only a Trump admirer, I bet he's a fervent devotee to the NRA, too!

Another man punched his girlfriend because she didn't like his suggestion of having sex with her and another woman. REALLY? I'm surprised he wasn't the one punched!

And this one deserved, and received, an article all by itself.

The victim was in a bar with her mother and some friends. No, this is not the beginning of a joke. A drunken customer tried to kiss one of the women "in a manner that was every bit unwanted as it was sloppily awkward," went the report. He continued to hang around them though they kept trying to avoid him. They even alerted staff, who did nothing.

In a last ditch effort for their attention, the drunken man climbed to the top of the booth--their table was a good bit lower--and proceeded to do a little dance. Oh, man, I can just see him shaking his bootie now! Quoting the report, "the rowdy inebriate then decided to up the proverbial ante by attempting to do a back flip off of the booth back and onto the table." The victim, sensing disaster--well, yeah!--was attempting to herd the others out of the way when his head crashed into hers and she "started seeing stars immediately and started bleeding." She was taken to the hospital but the unidentified drunk disappeared. What a shock! I'd be for disappearing, too, once I sobered up enough to remember I'd been dancing on the top of a booth!

They ought to have some kind of reward for best crime report writing. The officer responsible for this last one would surely get a prize.

Saturday, April 7, 2018


Two of my guy's photos were selected to hang at North Georgia University (Oconee County) in their gallery last month. An old favorite of mine, Pier Village:

And a new one, Bees:

The show was juried, and this large painting (you can barely see it behind the people) won, which allows the artist to hang her work for the next month, I believe.

However, amidst all the collages and cat pix and seascapes and cartoons and exotic locales, this one painting caught my eye. It's by someone named Melody Croft and is called Connections.

I just loved it and kept coming back to admire it. How many times has this scene been played out in restaurants? In the mirror, you can see other diners, but this couple is isolated. From the diners and from each other. The man looks only at his phone while the expression on the woman's face says it all.

Lovely campus and a nice exhibition hall. And the lemon bars at the reception were wonderful!