Wednesday, June 30, 2010


We did a day trip to Jekyll Island today, eating at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, then visiting the Sea Turtle Center and ending up at the Goodyear Cottage for the art exhibit.

Following are pix of Nan D. Arnold: one in the Grand Dining Room of the hotel, another with a stuffed turtle from the Turtle Center gift shop, and the last with the big turtle skeleton that hangs over the gift shop.

We got rained on a bit but not much. Next time we'll try to visit Driftwood Beach and eat at the Courtyard at Crane (the old Crane Cottage). Or maybe at Sea Jay's where the squirrels and birds come right to the table and beg!

There's a lot of history here. Wish I could have seen it in its heyday, when the cottages were full of families and servants bustling around, and the harbor was filled with the yachts that brought them down for the winter.

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