Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Art Gallery moved into new digs and my guy, sweet thing, offered to help put together the new desks and then hook up their computers.

The two desks came today. In bits and pieces. So he's down there working like a little beaver. Since he grabs every opportunity to use his tools (man thing?), I'm sure he's enjoying every minute no matter how he grumbles.

I'm lost in admiration. I can't even put together Barbie houses without help.

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  1. Back in Jan/Feb I bought a beautiful shelf to put some of my angel collection on. The directions were four steps with each step broken down into 4 sub-steps. I asked friends for assistance, never rcvd it, so it remains in pieces in my dining room.

    Neither my husband nor I have any kind of skill with our hands. Sad, but true. So we're at the mercy of others.


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