Monday, October 27, 2014


And these are the last few pix from the Brunswick Stewbilee we enjoyed a week ago! We got there early so most of these were taken before the crowds came in.

This one shows the end of the booths set up. The others turn back around to the left but you can't see them here. The river is behind, as you can see from the ship masts in the background.

These are the necessaries for the crowd. There was a cropdusting plane going back and forth over them. I was trying to take its picture but naturally missed it.

This is a long view to the Visitor Center building where the bands played. To the right is the pavilion where the stew tasting started. Then tents set set up to house the rest of them but they're out of sight.

And here is another long view showing one of the bands on the right corner: Backstreet Boulevard.

 Another band: Pier Pressure

One more pic of the dogs getting ready for the parade. The white dog has on a green collar to match its owner in the mermaid costume. Not sure about the little dog in pink.

One last look at the event sign!

And that's all I'll blog about this year's Stewbilee! I promise!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Continuing raving about the Stewbilee event:

The highlight, as far as I'm concerned, was the Pooch Parade. I don't know how people got their dogs to behave so well. I don't even know how they persuaded their dogs to dress up! I've never owned a dog that amenable!

These are just a few of the dogs participating. I couldn't get pix of all of them.

Here, you can't see the shirt very well, but this doggie is dressed up as a Georgia Bulldog.

Not sure what this costume is -- Pippi Longstocking maybe? -- but s/he and owner got the prize for best lookalikes.

Here we have a ballerina. You can just see the tutu behind the owner's, er, backside.

Snow White is being hauled in comfort along with the doggie playing the part of dwarf Sleepy.

This must represent some kind of astral doggie. Nice paint job.

These look like a couple of princesses.

One of my faves... the dog in the cookie box!

And finally, a witch. Just in time for Halloween. Um, I didn't notice the upper doggie squatting till later. Guess s/he couldn't hold it.

And a good time was had by all!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


As I said, we spent the middle of the day Saturday at Stewbilee on the mainland. One of the events was an old car show. They blocked off a section of the street and parked the cars on both sides. Took a while to walk up and down them!

This one is a Thunderbird. Mmmm! Love the color.

And here are, in no particular order:

A Shelby Cobra

An MGB (We actually owned an MGA at one time! A fun car!)

A 73 Mustang

An old Ford

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Last week was a slow week for crime, it seems. Not much was going on. A couple of things did catch my eye.

When a woman moved out of her boyfriend's house, he and her son got into a fight. After pointing a shotgun at her and threatening others in the house, he fled before police arrived. Later he came back. And poured grease onto her clothes. Hope she doesn't get hold of the shotgun!

In another item, a woman tried to shoplift a leopard print bra and underwear set by sneaking it out in another store's bag. Hey, how could anyone resist that leopard print?

And then an intoxicated man was talking on his cellphone outside a woman's house. He asked if she had a cellphone charger and she told him no. Then he came up and beat on her door while cursing. When he left, she went outside to find her keys missing from where she'd laid them on her porch railing. Don't think I'd have left my keys outside with a drunk stranger running around!

Finally, in another vein, we went over to the 15th annual Stewbilee this morning. There was one booth with games for the kids, other booths selling popcorn and snacks and drinks, one selling cupcakes, one doing henna tattoos, and a ton of portapotties lined up. There was also live music, a classic car show, and my favorite: the Pooch Parade of costumed doggies!

I almost forgot the Brunswick stew samples! It took us about an hour to try each offering. We went through 25-30 tiny sample cups and I don't think I want any more stew for awhile!

I'll have some pix on here in the next few days, but here's a sign from the beanbag toss.

Saturday, October 11, 2014


I've asked this before but no one seems to know the answer. I guess I'll have to bestir myself and take some to the local garden club or something if no one recognizes these flowers.

These flowers are so thick, I thought this was a bush last year. But over the winter they died down to some flower stems. Nearly this entire space was bare. Below are a couple of closeups of the blossoms.

Anybody with any idea of what they are? I like them and sure would like to put a name to them!

Monday, October 6, 2014


Our Literary Guild (that used to be a Friends of the Library till they disbanded and reformed due to a conflict with the system library director at the time who is no longer in charge; in fact, our county formed our own separate system) put on an event to benefit local authors yesterday and invited twenty authors to participate. I was happily one of them. They set up tables at the Casino atrium for each of us to display and sell our books, furnished lunch, and generally catered to us for the four hours we were there. It was a lovely experience, easily one of the best put-together of its kind that I've attended.

Here are some pix. Yours Truly is in the first as we're setting up. I am fortunate my guy's done stuff like this. He made up the boards and set up the table and did all that. All I had to do was sit there. (Of course, since he practically forced me to participate since I am the shy, retiring type, I guess he felt like he had to make it easy.)

Then here's Dr. Christina Johns on the right. She's written a fictional semi-memoir.

Finally, here's Buzz Bernard. His book Eyewall, the story of a hurricane hitting St. Simons hit too close to home for me.

A fun day. Thanks go to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make it successful!