Sunday, April 28, 2013


Always have and always will.

So we bought a house and guess what that means. Cleaning. Yep, it isn't brand spanking new but was reasonably clean. Still, when I move into a place I want to make sure it's absolutely sparkling. That way I know it's my dirt I'm diving into when I do regular cleaning.

So instead of being down in the Village -- where the sequel to the movie The Anchorman is being filmed -- and gawking with the other locals, I've been stuck inside a newly painted house.

I can't complain too much. My guy has been working like a peon ever since we closed last month, supervising the roofers, the tilers, the carpeters, the floorlayers, the painters...He helped paint, too, and now he's doing some stuff we didn't have painted and later decided needed painting, like the insides of drawers and cabinets that looked good but were the wrong color.

Oh, and he's been moving stuff out of our storage unit, too.

While I've been scrubbing bathroom toilets, tubs, tiles and a shower that wanted to keep its stains. And scouring closet shelves and the refrigerator, after dusting bookshelves and putting away all the books brought from storage. I still have the microwave and the range to clean, along with a metal rack to hang pots and pans. And that reminds me, the ceiling fans must be dusty... Ughhhh.

So far, the cats aren't helping. They've been barfing up hairballs because we've been leaving them alone and won't tell them what's going on. So not only am I polishing up the new place, I'm having to pick up after them at the old place.

If you haven't caught on by now, I'm pretty annoyed. I want to catch a glimpse of some real Hollywood actors! I want to see lights, camera, action! And I really really want to see the end of this housecleaning morass I've been dragged kicking and screaming into!

Thursday, April 25, 2013


While in Alabama, I visited a reading club who call themselves the Same Sweet Girls. Don't you love that name? But the women lived up to it. They were very warm and welcoming. Not to mention delightful and lovely. And of course, anyone who reads is intelligent by default!

We met in a beautiful house, with a fish tank built into the mantel above the fireplace--I wish I'd asked how  she managed to clean it because it looked like it was inserted into a frame made just for the aquarium--and a gorgeous view of a lake. They offered wine and nibbles, of course; all gracious people offer wine and nibbles! And they were kind enough to act interested in my hardback mystery TAXED TO THE MAX, even though I'm sure their tastes run to more literary stuff than my light mystery.

All in all, I had a great time. I have a picture, but I hesitate to post it on my blog since someone might not want to be seen with me. So I'm posting my book cover instead. You'll just have to imagine several beautiful women facing the camera with one nerd in the middle and that'll be us!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


The crime blotter keeps enthralling me. Today a couple of women heard a bunch of people outside their home and came out to see what was happening. A man struck both in the face, but neither woman knew the man's name.

And another woman had her car window broken. The pregnant woman suspects another woman pregnant by the same man. Evidently, she knew the second pregnant woman's name but still, no arrests were made.

Ah, this is as good as a soap opera. Our local newspaper can't give up its print version! These things just wouldn't read the same on the computer!

As an aside, we're off on our travels tomorrow so won't check in for a few days. Birmingham, here we come!

Friday, April 19, 2013


So we went to Wally World this morning to pick up some vitamins, mouthwash, etc. It's still the cheapest place to get stuff like that, but it's usually a hassle and I dread it. This morning it wasn't too bad. We got there shortly after eight and were out in twenty minutes. No lines. Our items were in stock.

This is not the norm. For the last few years, I've noticed there aren't enough cashiers, the stores are cluttered (with unpacked stuff in the aisles, not displays), workers are surly, and the shelves are bare.  I once went to buy pantiliners, and there was one box on the shelf. Opened. I came back in ten days or so, figuring they'd be restocked. Nope. And that same opened box was still there. Other medicine, toothpaste, and toiletries show those same bare shelves, making us have to come back.

I used to think it was just our particular store, that it was poorly managed. Then I found an online site where other customers were complaining, too, about their stores in various areas of the country. They describe the same problem we're having with ours.

Target may be a little higher, but it's looking better all the time. Maybe the Walton family needs to come up with a new Sam to run their business.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Again I am home while my guy works at the new house. He's been upbeat for weeks now, getting everything done. And buying man toys like garden hoses, lawn mowers, and chain saws.

He's pitched right in with the painters, painting shelves and other things that don't require expertise. He's been cutting back shrubbery and watering the row of amaryllis in the front.  He and the painters helped lift the new water heater into the attic. Thank goodness, he didn't get on the roof with the roofers. At least I don't think he did.

Anyway, he's been participating or overseeing everything that's been done so far. Right now, he's there watching the floor guy lay the flooring.

He's having such a great time. Too bad it can't go on for a few more months.

Friday, April 12, 2013


A friend came to visit and we were out doing touristy stuff. On the way up to Fort King George, we stopped at Hofyl-Broadfield plantation. This was a rice plantation that remained in the same family for five generations though a lot of the land was sold off when rice became too unprofitable. Still they stuck with it until 1913, when the family turned to dairy farming to save their land.  In the 1970's, the youngest daughter of the last family to occupy it (a spinster) died, and she willed it to the state of Georgia. They're making it into a rather nice park, with a walking trail and visitors center added to the main house and outbuildings. The museum has paintings and photographs and a film that tells about its history.

One interesting thing about the place is that the house is filled with eighteenth and nineteenth century things as well as more modern furnishings. All original to the house. Seems the family never threw anything away, just shifted it up to the attic. A guide takes you through and points out things like the chair Miss Ophelia, the last descendent, died in. He also tells stories. Like the chandelier given the family by the noted du Ponts, friends of Miss Ophelia's. (She was evidently a gadabout in her youth who went to Europe and other places as a guest of her wealthier friends.) She disliked the chandelier so much that she only put it up when the du Ponts visited. As soon as they left, she had it taken down and stored till their next visit.

And the grounds are wonderful. The house faces the old rice field--marshes--and is surrounded by large old trees with Spanish moss hanging from them. A lovely place for festivals and other celebrations the Friends of Hofyl-Broadfield put on to raise money for its maintenance and care.

Here's a photo I snapped. It's one of the largest live oaks I've ever seen and it stands near the house. You can kind of see its size by the person standing under it. If you ever travel near Hofyl-Broadfield, be sure and stop in. Wear your walking shoes, because it's a ten minute hide from the visitors center to the house.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The crime blotter in the local paper had several reports today.

A woman called police because of a loud argument. She said a woman asked a man for ten dollars. He got mad and started yelling at the woman. A second woman struck out at the first woman with her fists. A second man got into the fray and the first man swung at him. But no arrests were made. Guess the police didn't want to get involved.

In another item, a woman reported she let a male borrow her car in March. He said he'd be right back. Yep, still gone.

A third one had a man verbally abusing officers directing traffic. They took umbrage so he pushed one officer, yelling he had no problem going to jail and that he'd resist. He got his way. Wonder if he's still in jail.

This item reported police responding to calls about a fight. After telling about twenty people to disperse, they saw a woman dragging another woman by the hair toward a car. An officer told the dragger to release the draggee but she wouldn't. So she got Tasered. Three other women were given citations. Guess it was women's day out or something.

And in the final one, a man heard a gunshot and later saw the suspect walking down the street loading a shotgun. Then he fired and screamed threats. He got arrested. I should hope so!

What are these people thinking????

And to end on a rather sad note, here's my little girl-cat who's the tennis aficionado. The tennis players who were out all last week have gone home since spring break is over, and she's left to droop in the window with nothing to watch.

Poor baby. Little does she know there will soon be no more tennis courts outside her perch.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


The fascia on our new (to us) house has weathered and rotted and must be replaced.

In case, like moi, you're not quite sure what fascia is, it's the boards going round the house right under the eaves that, in our case, gutters are fastened to. I wouldn't have realized they were rotted but my guy did when we first looked at the house. He's been chomping at the bit to get them fixed ever since we closed. So the men have come today to start work. He's there supervising and, I hope, staying out of the way.

Once the fascia is fixed, the roofers should start. We've picked out the paint shades, too, so soon painting will also commence. Still waiting on new water heater and other things, but it's getting there.

If only we didn't actually have to move stuff! Like two sofa-beds and other big furniture.