Saturday, August 26, 2017


The master bath is being remodeled and our contractor keeps shooing us off. "Gonna be loud," he warns before he starts to take out the tub. We hang around, wanting to see what he's doing. "Might wanna go out for a few hours," he hints. We gawk as he and his helper lug in tools. Finally, he says, "Maybe I should have got you movie tickets."

That sent us scurrying. No place to go so we decided on the botanical gardens. Here are my phone shots of some of the flowers in bloom there. Don't ask me what they are; I'm not a gardener.

I thought this was a tomato plant but closer inspection tells me no. Maybe some kind of pepper?

I love this arbor view. You can't see them very well, but there are three peaked arches going up the hill.

And of course my guy had his camera. Here he's chasing an elusive butterfly.

His pix turned out better than mine, but all in all, an enjoyable morning. Sad to go back to my neglected yard, though. Makes me want to hire a gardener.

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Got the last of our stuff out of storage last weekend but we're still in a mess.

The previous owner put real hardwood floors through most of our new abode. Naturally, that means rugs. We went shopping and to my surprise, Lowe's had a great selection. That's where, in fact, we bought several.

This is a sample I eyed wistfully but my guy hated it. Don't know why. It's a beautiful baby blue.

This is one he liked. We bought it in ivory for the living room and entrance way.

Here you can see one of them, along with the hearth and a box of electronic gizmos still not unpacked. (Hey, we're working on it! We're working on it!)

And this one went into a guest room. You can see the edge of one of the beds.

I didn't know Lowe's had such a great selection of rugs along with other things, including moving cartons, hardware, ceiling fans, et cetera. They have really been our go-to place for our move!

I admit I've noticed salespeople hurrying off whenever we show up, though. Don't know what that's all about.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


We're so excited! Our new grill, lost in the ether somewhere, finally showed up!

Lowe's didn't have in stock the one my guy wanted, and so they ordered it. The grill department guy said they had four in Norcross and one would be shipped to our store within a week. Then they would put it together and call us so we could take it home.

Didn't quite work out as planned. After checking the day it was supposed to show up, we found Lowe's couldn't find it had been shipped. But no worries, the cheery woman in customer service said. She'd put in a note and when it showed up, they'd call.

A few days later, no phone call. We checked in again. A young man looked at the computer and shook his head. We needed to talk to the man in charge of that department. So we waited around for twenty or thirty minutes till we got to talk to him. He looked at the computer screen, thumped some keys, and shook his head. He didn't understand what was taking so long. It was ordered though. Definitely. When it came, they'd call.

We waited a few more days and checked in again. The young man in customer service we'd talked to previously, remembered us. (By this time, we'd dealt with him several more times, returning wrong sized blinds and also a ceiling fan with a clacking noise in the factory assembled part. That's besides us going in and asking where our rug was Lowe's had ordered. Of course, he remembered us!) He checked his computer again re the grill. Then he called an older gentleman over. This guy looked at the computer and shook his head. But...

"It looks like the order was put in wrong," the older guy said. He fiddled around on the keyboard, said the order was fixed and the grill should be in and get assembled shortly. They would call us.

Uh huh.

A few days later, we returned. A pleasant woman checked on the computer and frowned. Then she got someone else to check. This gentleman said the grill was supposed to be in the store but he couldn't find a inventory record of it. He went to the back to physically check and see if it was actually in the store. Some time later he came back with another man who explained: "The data saying the grill was in the store, really meant the grill has been ASSIGNED to the store." It was on its way, he said optimistically. And they'd call.

Sure enough, the next afternoon, we got a call from Brian. The grill was in and ready for pick-up! Brian had personally attended to assembling it.

I get the impression they never want to see us again.

But never mind. Soon my guy will be cooking!

Saturday, August 5, 2017


We've been in the house for two days now, but still have lots of work to do. We're camping in the guest bedroom since renovation is due to start in two weeks for the main bedroom and bath. Somehow we found time to go to another aerial exhibition because a young relative was one of the performers. Her ambition is to join the Cirque du Soleil, but if that doesn't work out, she thinks her education should prepare her to be a physical therapist. Sounds like a sensible plan to me!

The entire show was based on a children's book, Juniper Gets Wet, by local author and artist. A little girl dams up a gully on a rainy day and makes a big ocean that she sails away on.

The man who did the illustrations read a scene, and then the aerialists performed to songs chosen for their references to water. Not sure, but I think this was the first scene: "It Had Been Raining For Weeks." The music was "Into the Unknown."

If I remember correctly, this picture represents Juniper's brothers and sisters who are tired of the rain. The scene is titled "The Books Had All Been Read" and it's performed to "I Can't Stand the Rain."

I think--and I'm not sure about this--this scene was when Juniper is washed away in the flood: "When Water Was All She Could See" and music was "Orinoco Flow"

Juniper comes to a stop in the scene "She Trekked Through a Lush Jungle" as we listen to "Welcome to the Jungle" and the aerialist performs with the ring.

After different scenes where Juniper meets a Princess (with a fun rendition of "Dancing Queen") and goes through a Room of Wonders, she keeps having adventures. This pole reached all the way to the ceiling and this shot was taken when the performer was about halfway up. The scene is "Sailed Through the Night" and music was "Chasing the Beat of My Heart."

This was one of my favorites: "Prepare the Submarine" with, naturally, "Yellow Submarine" along with "Deep Blue Sea" for the music. The two metal structures moved back and forth, depending on the performers' powering them.

So we did manage a fun outing despite being in the midst of our move. We needed a break. Very enjoyable!