Sunday, November 30, 2014


Today we were walking in the Village, trying to make up for all that turkey and fixings we indulged in over Thanksgiving (and by the way, I hope everyone had as lovely a Thanksgiving as we did) when we came upon a man feeding the birds.

When we first saw him, he had a bird perched on his head. I wasn't in time to snap that shot but here he is with what looks like sated birds. He's offering them bread but they aren't nearly so eager as they were in the beginning.

Personally, I wouldn't want to be sitting in the midst of them since they can start flying around overhead at any given time!

Sunday, November 23, 2014


On our walk some days, we go by this house. I've been wanting a banana tree since we moved down here, but didn't know they really would produce bananas!

Hope this bunch got picked before the cold weather last week!

Monday, November 17, 2014


I had a friend visiting last week and Saturday, we went up to Fort King George for their annual encampment, a living history event. The participants camped Friday and Saturday nights, and the public was invited to join them during the day. They had handmade leather goods, musketfire demonstrations, a Creek Indian encampment, a hammered dulcimer playing, a lecture on spices the colonials used, and other activities.

Here are some of the pix.

This lady has the pots and pans they cooked with back then:

Prior to the cannon firing:

A Creek Indian looking at some of his equipment:

Part of the encampment. The day was cold, too! I would have hated to be spending the night in a tent with this kind of weather! The soldiers are Spanish reenactors from St. Augustine.

A colonial man with two little colonial misses:

Another colonial:

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Just a couple of pix from our island parade honoring veterans. Afterward, there was a ceremony on the Casino lawn. Very moving.

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Two or three months ago, I blogged about a fly-in event on the mainland. Today I'm blogging about a fly-in we had here on the island sponsored by AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). There were scads of planes but the most interesting to me was a B-17 bomber.

It gave some veterans (who had been inside one during WWII) a ride when it first arrived Friday which I thought was very nice. Yesterday, people could tour it for a small fee, and even ride in it for like, four hundred dollars. It carries about ten at a time so shared, that doesn't seem too bad.

Here it is in the air during one of its flights:

A closeup:

And these are just a couple of the others attending. There were planes lined up on both sides of one our island airport's runways!

Saturday, November 1, 2014


Not much going on the past few weeks, but a few items caught my eye.

A man was arrested after punching a hole in an outside door column. His pregnant girlfriend said he never got physical with her but the damages amounted to about $500. If I was her, I wouldn't give him a chance to get physical with me ever again.

Someone siphoned 80 gallons of fuel from three different trucks owned by a business. Guess the thief's vehicle was bigger than all three trucks put together.

An employee saw two men loading up two 50-inch flat screen TVs they'd stolen. A responding officer tried to pull over the SUV but they jumped a curb and led police on a 2.1 mile chase until heavy rain forced the officers to call it off. Wimps!

Two karaoke speakers stored next to their owner's home were stolen. Maybe his singing was like, really bad?

Residents reported hearing gunshots in two different locations. A responding officer thought he heard shots at the first location that sounded like an automatic weapon, but shots at the second location sounded like they came from a semi-automatic weapon. No casings or damage were found in either location. I don't think I could tell one kind of weapon from another by their booms. I wonder if they're sure it wasn't backfire.

A regular customer told a bank teller he was going to kidnap her the next Friday, and for her to pack a bathing suit because they were going on an airplane to an island. The teller called the police. Wonder why I never get threats like that? Oh, wait! I live on an island already!

A woman reported a man stole $320 from her purse while she ran into a store to get a drink. When she got back, he jumped out of her vehicle and drove off in a green truck. Oh, and she didn't know the man; she was just giving him a ride. Wonder what kind of drink she was getting.

Another woman reported a man wearing a white shirt woke her up in her bedroom by grabbing her right shoulder. She started screaming and fought him off. She tried to run out of the bedroom into the living room but the door wouldn't open so she crawled out a window and watched the front door of her house. No one ever came out, but her boyfriend, who was asleep in the bed with her--all through this! Hmmm-- had to unlock the front door to get out and find help. She later told police she often sees dead people but this man was real. Because he touched her, and she never feels the spirits touch her. I wonder if she'd got her some drinks with the woman above.

And saved for the last: A man reported someone took 18 Viagra pills from his house. He suspected it was one of the men who'd recently done some work on his home. Police contacted the work crew, but they all denied stealing any pills. No kidding! Who'd expect them to admit it?