Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Desi Moon has an interview with me on her blog today about my new release. Tomorrow she'll review SET UP. I'm hoping she doesn't pan it but if she does...Reading is always subjective so if she doesn't like it, that's okay. I'm fortunate to have relatives who read!

Her blog link is: http://dbmoonauthor.blogspot.com/

Oh, and the link for SET UP is: http://museituppublishing.com/bookstore2/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=321&category_id=64&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1

It's also on Amazon already! I thought it'd be a couple more weeks but no! It's here:


So much has been happening around here, I've not had time to promote it as I should. Although to be honest, I hate trying to sell people anything!

Friday, July 27, 2012


While waiting for details of my critique partner's interment, we received word an aunt had died unexpectedly. We ended up leaving immediately after Nan's services on Tuesday for her funeral in north Georgia on Wednesday.

We're back on the island now, and somewhat recovered from the trip, but I can't help contemplating my own mortality. I'm sure everyone does this from time to time, especially after sad occasions like these, but for some reason this week hit me especially hard.

I know I'm making a greater effort to enjoy friends and family while I can. I hope every one of you will, too.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


After a three year battle with cancer, my critique partner died this morning.

She tried radiation and chemo to begin with but ended it when the results weren't good. Then she began working out. "If I have to go," she cracked, "I'm gonna go looking good." She wanted to die on her own terms and she did. I hope I can face death with her courage.

Here's to you, Nan. I know you're making the angels laugh right now with one of your funny quips.

The photos are recycled from an outing we took June 2010, after she'd decided to let things take their course. She was thin but still exhibiting her old verve.

The first was taken at the Turtle Center on Jekyll Island, where wounded, ill, or cold-stunned turtles from the east coast are brought and treated. She couldn't help but hug this stuffed one.

This is also at the Turtle Center, where Nan is exclaiming over the prehistoric turtle skeleton replica. You can catch a glimpse of her impish humor here. "Don't want that falling on me and hurrying things along!"

And this last one is at the dining room of the Jekyll Island Hotel. Nan loved her food, all kinds. Didn't matter. Even near the end, on our last lunch excursion together, she chose a new sushi place and sampled nearly everything on the menu -- the chef actually came out and went over her order with her. I think she knew it would be the last time and was determined to taste as much as she could.

A lot of us are gonna miss you, Nan.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


You know the type of friends I'm talking about. The ones who knew you when. The ones who know about your ill tempers and your bad habits. The ones who sympathized during the rough patches and laughed with you during the good times. The ones you can meet up with every few years and pick right up where you left off.

The best kind of friends. And I think they almost always have to be old friends because the others kind of drop by the wayside, either from lack of attention or maybe the connection was never that great to begin with.

We had lunch with our old friends today. Just an hour or so but they're still easy to talk to and still easy to be with. We miss them already.

Old friends are really the best ones, aren't they?

And darn it, I was so happy to see them, I didn't even get a picture!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


As in words, not witchcraft.

Several of the STOP signs on our daily walk route have been changed. The sentiments are in tune with our current 'green' environment push, but the lack of education is woefully apparent.

For anyone uncertain of why, it's spelled 'using.' Not 'useing.'

Not only is the money going toward education being wasted, but now we have to pay to get the signs replaced. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


So Monday, my guy and I decided to do our property tax return, change our voter registration, and change the address on our drivers' licenses and be done with it all. Silly us!

We drove into town to the tax office first but found we couldn't claim homestead without having the correct address on our drivers' licenses. So we drove, oh, I don't know exactly how far, maybe ten or twelve miles out of town??? to the new building housing the Department of Driver Services. Only a couple of cars were in the parking lot, so we congratulated ourselves, got out and found...

Yep, the DDS is closed on Sundays. AND Mondays.

Okay. Tomorrow was another day. Tuesday, to be exact. But since Monday was the last day to register to vote in the primary, we decided to go to the Board of Elections and see if we could change our registration. They had us on the state list already so we filled out forms to transfer precincts and got that done.

Tuesday, we went back to the DDS first thing and parked among a bunch of cars. Inside, the lobby was crowded. Very crowded. This was the first day of the new rules regarding getting/changing drivers' licenses so the clerks were extra busy. And no one to tell us what to do. All the while those computer generated voices intoned, "Now serving number so-and-so at counter one," - or two or four or whichever. After awhile, I asked someone how to get a number. He motioned toward the front about the time one of the clerks beckoned us. We went up, she looked at what we had (I'd read we had to have birth certificates and thought I was prepared), but guess what. We didn't have what we needed. We not only needed birth certificates, but we also needed social security cards and two utility bills or bank statements to verify we lived where we said we lived.

Okay. Back home, print out some bills (since we get them online now) with the correct address on them, eat lunch and go back out to the DDS. Lobby was still crowded. But now we knew how to get a number! And once we did, we sat down to wait. An hour or so later, my number got called. Almost immediately my guy's number was called, too. I went to the counter, showed my stuff, and the clerk looked at it. She pointed out my name was not on the bills. I showed her a direct deposit receipt mailed to the new address and a card received in the mail forwarded from the old address. Wouldn't do. She told me to bring back bank statements and a utility bill with my name. I said the bills were in my guy's name. She shook her head.

Meanwhile, my guy's clerk had popped over to get the bills - with his name on them - and finish up his paperwork to give him him a temporary license with his new picture on it. He was ready to go. I dragged myself away from the counter, whining piteously.

His clerk asked what I needed and I told her. She said to call the bank and have them fax a bank statement with the new address on it to them. But the bill problem remained. My guy had mentioned we'd registered to vote the day before so she said we could have them fax a form with our new address on it and that would be acceptable according to the new regulations.

So my banker remembered me, bless him, and faxed the statement. The voting office remembered us, too, and faxed the form. And we got out about four o'clock, just in time to rush downtown and file our property return and change our tag addresses.

We were tired but happy. I'm pretty sure the clerks were happy, too, knowing they wouldn't have to see us again. Here's a picture of the lobby and another of the clerks trying to figure out what to do.

Did I say I'm glad I don't have to work at the DDS? Almost as thankful I no longer sell tags!