Sunday, May 27, 2012


So the entire year and a half we were at the lake, there was a drought and the lake was low, low, low. This spring it finally started raining and the waters started rising. The view was looking good, the boat dock was floating, looked like the summertime waters would be great for swimming and boating, etc.

Then we sold the house and moved permanently to the coast. So guess what's going on here? Not a hurricane, thank goodness, but it is a tropical storm. Even Jim Cantelore from The Weather Channel is broadcasting from the beach. (You know how excited all these weather people get during hurricane season.)

Yes, T.S. Beryl is promising lots of rain and high winds in our area. And people are going home for Memorial Day tomorrow, to play on the lake and enjoy remembrance ceremonies outside instead of hanging out down here to be cooped up inside.

Can't blame them. It is a little annoying, though, to find the weather so uncooperative no matter where we go.

But at least we aren't being evacuated

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Yep, we went back down to the Alligator Farm in St. Augustine for the thousandth time.

My guy wanted to shoot the birds in the rookery. Er, photograph the birds. And there were gobs of them. Due to our move, we weren't able to go every week as he would have preferred so we missed most of the baby birds and saw only gawky adolescents. More babies are coming though, because there was lots of courting going on, so I suspect we'll be back down there before the end of the season. If, that is, we can find time between running back and forth to north Georgia. A family reunion's coming up next weekend so we'll be hitting the road again.

Anyway, a neighbor went down with us this time because she'd never been before. I believe she was suitably awed. By the albino alligators if nothing else! Here she is sitting on the greeter alligator. And yes, it's statue, in case some of you are wondering how timid Marsha dared!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Since our move, the cats have been sulking. They thought we were coming down for three months and were horrified to discover it was permanent. They miss their screened porch.

So now they have to watch tennis players through the windows or, if they really beg, I'll open the sliding doors so they can peer through the screen at the birds and squirrels in the tree next to the balcony.

They're miffed, but not miffed enough to sleep by themselves at night. Unfortunately.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


My guy and I are now the proud ex-owners of a lake house. An oldfashioned, filled-with-happy-memories lake house that will always be a part of us as we go on to new adventures.

The good thing is that the new owners are as excited to have the house as we were when we first moved there. They have a sailboat and a pontoon boat that's being delivered today, the day after we closed. And they planned to sleep there last night. A child was even driving up to be there with them. The whole family was thrilled.

And so were we. Nostalgic but relieved. Things change. People drift in and out of your lives and you make decisions accordingly.

You can't bring back the good times because nothing stays the same. If life didn't change, we'd be dead. So we've learned to enjoy each day and go with it.

As we're doing now and intend to do in the future.

Goodbye, lake house! Hello, island condo!

Saturday, May 12, 2012


About to leave tomorrow to finish up for house closing next week, but haven't been able to get hold of the lady who looks after my cats while we're gone.

Finally heard from her this morning. Poor thing drove up last weekend to stay at her mother's house in Atlanta so she could visit with her father in north Georgia who's had a stroke. While she was there, her aunt died, her cousin's kidneys both began to fail, and to top things off, SUV hijackers led police on a chase from the other side of Atlanta to her neighborhood. Helicopters swarmed overhead, blue lights were everywhere.

Long story short, police caught one of the thieves in her driveway. She got to see them throw him to the ground and handcuff him and all that. Just like a TV show, she said, still shaken.

She's coming home today so she can look after the babies. I don't know if she's going back up there though. I don't think I would.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


So now they're wanting to move the closing date up. Which is good. We're ready to get it done!

But that means rescheduling the movers and the maid service. Not to mention the kitchen range repair that we're still waiting on, and that the contract says closing hinges on.

Oh, and the dock needs moving out and we're not up there to do it. That means contacting a dock company and trying to get them to move it since we don't plan on going back till right before closing. I'm hoping for rain.

But before we do anything, we need to hear if the early closing is gonna happen. We're on pins and needles, wanting to be doing something -- anything! -- but not able to figure out what.

My nails are almost down to the quick.

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I lined up a maid service to clean our house right before the closing. Trying to explain what was going on - part of the furnishings were being left so the house wouldn't be empty but it would still need a thorough cleaning - took a while. I guess that explains the Dream.

I go into the office to sign the contract (actually I did everything on the phone and through email) and find cleaning comes with some sort of fitness part. I keep saying, "No, no, I only need the house cleaned, I only need the house cleaned," but the perky interviewer won't take no. She's determined to sign me up for gym membership. My guy, meanwhile, is in another office agreeing to everything.

Finally, five o'clock comes, me still protesting. With the interviewer dragging me, everyone proceeds (except my guy, who sensibly leaves) down to the big auditorium where some kind of cult activity is going on. Now I'm protesting, "I'm really not religious, I'm really not religious," but no one pays me any mind.

Finally, I make a break for it, get upstairs just as the priest? shaman? warlock? whatever he is in full regalia including mask and pointed hat, is locking the front door. I feint to the left and manage to escape on his right. "You'll be sorry. You'll never get your house cleaned," he calls after me.

Then I find my guy in some sort of church next door, sitting in the pews as the sermon begins. He beckons me in. "It's okay," he says. "It's Christian. Or maybe Jewish. Anyway, it isn't the maid service."

I turn around and go out the door. "I"ll wait for you outside."

Religion and fitness in one dream. This is way too weird for me to handle. Even in my sleep.