Saturday, April 30, 2016


Again we have a list of criminal activities taking place in our fair city. As always, there were traffic stops netting drugs and catching people with outstanding warrants. Domestic violence incidents and stolen vehicles show up, too. And there were some attempted burglaries where the burglar alarm frightened the crooks away.

A driver's bad headlight led to police stopping him. He got out and fled, scattering items as he ran. (These people watch too much TV!) The items turned out to be marijuana and naturally, he got caught.

A couple of brothers got into a fight over a video game controller and one pulled a knife on the other. Cut him, too. Luckily, the injury wasn't serious but the kniife-wielder got carted off. (Did I say these people watch too much TV?)

A thief who failed was the shoplifter accosted by security guards. He pulled a knife and escaped. Immediate police work turned him up a few blocks away and he was arrested. He might have made it if he hadn't tried to escape on a bicycle. (Bet he didn't get that idea from TV! He must have thought of it all by himself!)

And there is the case of a streetwalker getting into a car to ply her trade. When the astonished driver asked what she was doing, she told him not to worry because she wasn't a cop. They proceeded to make a deal before the driver arrested her. Turns out he was a cop. (Bad luck, eh?)

Words fail me.

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Housework is definitely the pits. Anyone trying to keep a (fairly) clean house knows this is true. No sooner do you get one chore done than it has to be repeated.

Clean the bathroom? Next week--okay, two weeks later--it has to be done again. Mop the kitchen? Two days--okay, a week later--it has to be done again. Vacuum? Next week--okay, three weeks later--it has to be done again! It's like those washing instructions to get out nasty stains: soap up, rinse and repeat. And repeat. And repeat.

What brought this up was the top of my refrigerator. My guy, with his long arms, reached up into the cabinet over it and got a pitcher down I needed. When I went to put it away, I had to get a stool. And once up in the air, what did I find? Fuzzy stuff all over the fridge top!

I couldn't believe it! I had just cleaned it when we moved into this house.

Then I realized we moved in three years ago.

So I got my paper towels and scrubbed off the dust and washed the top and got it clean again. Bet if I'd remember to do this every month, it wouldn't get as dirty.

And since gardening is on my same list (To Do As Seldom As Possible) as housekeeping, I will take this time to thank the previous owner who planted and tended all these lovely amaryllis that show up each spring. If he hadn't been such an avid gardener, we'd have had no pretty plants at all. Thank you, Mr. McGoogan!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Last weekend, the small town up from us held their annual "Blessing of the Fleet" festival. The blessing itself took place on Sunday, but we went up Saturday when it wasn't so crowded.

The street was blocked off, and there were maybe a hundred or so booths winding around beneath the huge oaks. Here is the section going in:

And this is the end with the food!  There were Phillipine and Thai cuisines, as well as tacoes, alligator bites, chicken fingers, and other offerings. We chose fried local shrimp (fresh and scrumptious!) with fries and a funnel cake from the sweets booth.

I heard the man at this booth playing and went over to see, thinking he was touting his homemade dulcimers or zithers. But no! It was a string instrument with a neck in a bean can! No kidding! He was playing tunes out of a can! If you look closely at the middle right, you can see several instruments standing upright, cans at the bottom.

It was a good deal, too. The instrument and a booklet of music for twenty dollars. Perfect for a beginning guitar player!

On the way home, a bicycle rental shop in town sported a sign I adored. The Pedaling Pig! Doesn't he look carefree and happy?

All in all, a fun day!

Saturday, April 9, 2016


A week or so ago, my guy wanted some animal pix so we went to the zoo. I don't really approve of zoos but Jacksonville has a nice one and their citizens contribute greatly to keeping it that way.

There were a few wood storks settling in but most of the spring rookery will come later this month.

My guy spent most of the morning with the big cats, while I walked around, then sat on a shady bench to enjoy the people. Here are a sampling of his photos:

We have a jaguar, monkey (Look at that face!), pink flamingoes (more like RED flamingoes) and two tigers. There is a baby tiger this year, but he wasn't out.

Nice visit!

Saturday, April 2, 2016


I thought I'd love my Apple iPhone and for a while I did.

Then, for some reason, every time I wanted to do anything different, including buy an app or book, it wanted my password even though my fingerprint was in use and letting me in! But it wouldn't take my password. It kept telling me my password was wrong. I'd finally have to send for help and get the link and go to it and change my password.

All that just to buy a stupid book! We went through this so much I could hardly remember what my password was.

With many misgivings, I later bought an iPad. For a while, all was well and good. The fingrprint technology worked on it, too.

But now, after an upgrade, they've come up with some new form of torture: If I have signed in on a new device, Apple requires me to put in my Apple password and then a code they kindly text to me. Even though my fingerprint should let them know I'm the right person!

Did I really need this? Did I ask for this? Who is the moron behind all this security stuff?

Okay, I want my stuff to be secure. But going through this hassle is almost not worth it. And at the grocery store, people give me dirty looks while I try to use my Apple pay. Because it demands a password everytime I use it and then it tells me my password is wrong!

It's fine to push security, but hey! I'm not the one my stuff needs to be secure from!

Here, Apple! Take this!