Saturday, March 31, 2012


So our house has been for sale for a year now. We've had lots of lookers but no buyers.

When there's a showing, we have to leave. (Don't want our looks to scare anyone off!) So we go to Wendy's and have a Frosty, or if it's lunchtime, a burger. That mean's we're plumping up. We keep talking about going for a walk in the park but I can't see it happening. At least not till the yellow stuff goes away.

So today we come back from Wendy's and it looks like no one's been here. No new real estate agent card. Lights still on. Cats not traumatized. I start to put on my comfy clothes. (We tend to slouch around the house in dirty shorts/sweatpants/undershirts, whatever.)

My guy frowns. "Uh uh. Sure as anything, we'll get comfy and someone will show up."

I sigh but keep my good clothes on. So after three hours, I figure it's safe. I change clothes.

Then my guy says, "Remember the time no one came? And we thought it had been so long they wouldn't come? Except they did? At eight o'clock that night?"

I do remember, now that he brings it up. I'd had my bath, put on my jammies and was about to watch NCIS. Horrible experience.

I weigh my options. Nope. Still not gonna put that bra back on.


  1. Hi Cheryl, stop my blog. I just nominated you for the Lucky 7 Meme award.

  2. When my parents put their house on the market, I was house sitting for them, and it was out in the countryside, so really nowhere to go if anyone turned up, aside from a walk to a village library. The only time anyone showed up in those three weeks when I was at home, I did the tour for them. It still took nearly a year to sell the place.

    1. Very interesting concept. Thank you for sharing.

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    2. I was actually venting. Thank goodness our house sold in May, to a lovely couple who really liked it!

  3. The post is talking about a house for sale. Useful post

    1. Except our house finally did sell! Thank goodness.


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