Sunday, March 4, 2012


Took a day off last week and went up to Anna Ruby Falls near Helen. We stopped at the Cleveland McDonald's to grab a biscuit and they have the cutest display of Cabbage Patch Kid dolls! Guess it's 'cause Babyland General, their 'birthing' place is located here. Maybe you can see something from my phone pix.

And then on to the falls! They're gorgeous. Although the photo makes them look like three waterfalls, they're actually twins, separating at the top and falling below into two distinct falls before merging back together.


  1. Those are beautiful waterfalls!

    And Cabbage Patch dolls are, of course... completely evil.

    1. Yep to the falls. The dolls...kind of interesting. Little girls love the Babyland Hospital where they're birthed. Mamas and papas not so much.

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