Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Last week, after viewing Anna Ruby Falls, we hung out with the ranger for a while. He was very kind, telling us about the falls and other places of interest around Helen.

One was a covered bridge. That got my guy excited since there aren't that many of them around anymore. The road had changed; the pavement went on over a new bridge, but the old covered one lay right below. We could pull off to see it with no problem. In fact some EMC workers were eating their lunch there and offered to move, though it wasn't necessary for my guy to take his pix.

A grist mill and other things had been around the bridge at one time but had been washed away. The bridge itself wasn't as picturesque as some, but...

While reading the marker, I discovered that -- ta dum! -- it was the very bridge filmed in the 1951 Susan Hayward movie, I'D CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN.

How about that! Here's the sign (taken with my phone, not my guy's nice camera).

And here's the covered bridge. Imagine taking shelter from a thunderstorm or snowfall. If it could only talk!


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    1. Thanks, William. It isn't the prettiest covered bridge I've seen but the movie connection is neat!


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