Friday, March 23, 2012


Our cats aren't allowed outside. So my guy took out one of the French door panes and put in a cat door that opens onto the screened porch; they can get out there whenever they like.

The other night, while we were sleeping, they woke us up by carousing in the other part of the house. So my guy, brave fellow, went to see what was going on.

"A rat!" he yells. "The cats have a rat in the house!"

I hop up to see. Turns out it was a ground squirrel, or chipmunk. And it's running from the living room to the kitchen to my office to the utility room, and then starting all over again.

My guy grabs a towel and tries to throw it over the scared baby. I'm screaming and jumping out of the way every time it rushes at me. The boy cat is trying to herd it (it ran right under him several times but the boy cat never once bit or pounced on it), and keeps chasing it out from behind the sofa and TV and other places. The girl cat goes back to the bedroom and hides under the bed.

Finally, we leave the French door open, herd the poor little thing that way, it sees the open door and goes out on the screened porch and disappears behind a plant. Exhausted, we put the cover on the cat door so it can't get back in the house. In the morning it's gone via the way it came in, I'm sure.

The girl cat finally came out from under the bed. The boy cat pranced around for a while and looked very proud of himself.

My guy's talking about changing their zip code again.


  1. I'm glad other people have things like that happen to them. I'm glad the squirrel lived through it all. I'm glad you guys lived through it all. You gotta have a little spice in your life from time to time!

    1. Spice. Yeah. Sure. Wish it weren't in the middle of the night though!

  2. Usually the cats would have finished it off fast! It drives them nuts having a critter inside the house...

    1. Oh, we're pretty sure the boy cat invited it in to play. Since they don't get outside, they're hungry for companions!


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