Friday, March 16, 2012


I'm excited. Kind of.

THE MAN IN THE BOAT is now available in the MuseItUp bookstore - - and also on Amazon at but it isn't out yet at Barnes and Noble or from Apple. They sometimes take longer to get books up.

Why I'm not excited? I got an advance copy and read it night before last. Not out of vanity. Mainly to make sure the formatting was okay. And it was. Except about 30-40 pages in, I read a sentence and stopped, horrified. Reread it to be sure. Yep. There was a 'was' where a 'were' should have been.

In the beginning, a line editor read the entire manuscript, sent it back to me with changes, I accepted or defended, sent back; she accepted, disputed, sent back; I accepted/refused/defended, sent back. We finally agreed on the 6th or so version which I reread and approved.

The copy editor got it next. Same procedures. Six or seven times through, I reread one last time and approved.

Publisher got it, sent me final galleys. I went through, reread, made a few last corrections, sent back.

So how the heck did that 'was' sneak in instead of the 'were' that should have been there?

I'm hardened to people disapproving of sex scenes. But this! I'm mortified!

Glad I don't have to worry about my old English teachers reading romance.


  1. There is NO way to catch everything, the brain (after writing the book, submitting, content edits, a couple of line edits, etc., and those pesky boo boos "still" slip through Why? I've read after a few read-throughs, the brain "reads" a correct word even if that's not true.

    1. I know this. Logically, I know this. But readers will think, "Hah. Ignoramus."

  2. Sometimes I think "was" can be interchangeable with "were." It's all about the tense, which is often used colloquially differently than the King's English as well as which words are physically closest to the verb. Not to mention as nan stated above--most people will never notice. I certainly won't. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get a Kindle version downloaded through my computer to my reader. Or you could just send me a hard copy so it can be autographed? Tell me the price and I'll send you a check.

    1. Melody, this was definitely should have been a were. Very humiliating.

      As for your ereader, buy from MuseItUp and they'll send you a version for your ereader. Download it to your desktop, then transfer to your ereader.

      No print copies will be available for some time, I fear. Maybe in a few months.

  3. It's impossible to catch them all!

    1. Yeah, but couldn't it have been an obvious typo? Like Stere instead of Steve? Or redheeded instead of redheaded?


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