Saturday, October 9, 2010


I recently finished reading THE SWAN THIEVES by Elizabeth Kostova. The writing was good, the story interesting.

A psychiatrist takes an interest in a new patient, an artist.  For some reason the psychiatrist becomes obsessed with finding out why this artist tried to damage a painting in the National Gallery. The book follows the psychiatrist as he tries to unravel the mystery.

The story is told from several viewpoints, first person viewpoints which I find tiring. Especially when the voices aren't distinct enough to distinguish between them. And I do get tired of fiftyish men falling in love with thirtyish women who amazingly love them back. Although in one subplot there was an older woman with a man twenty years younger who adored her. I'm sure it happens but still...

The plot itself was good, the clues tied up in the end, but the writing seemed to go on and on. While I didn't stop reading -- I've made a vow that if the book doesn't hold my attention in the first few chapters, I stop wasting my time -- I did think I would never get to the end of it.

If someone likes historicals with a splash of mystery, s/he will probably enjoy this one.

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