Monday, October 25, 2010


I used to love reading romantic suspense but lately, if it doesn't involve werewolves or vampires, it's FBI agents or rogue CIA agents; or drug dealers or forensic examiners or some kind of stuff like that. I'm tired of heroes and heroines who are barely outrunning the bad guys but who take time for a torrid sexual encounter with honey and/or whipped cream anyway. I'm tired of a child getting kidnapped and his/her mother thinking about nothing but jumping into bed with her only hope of saving him (an outlaw/ cop/federal agent/soldier of fortune) when fear for her child should be uppermost in her mind.

What happened to the good old stories about ordinary people in unexpected situations who don't have super agents/agencies to fall back on? Who can control their sexual impulses, especially in life-threatening situations?

I'm sure there are books out there somewhere that I'd like, but I can't seem to find them. The last one I tried I won't even mention because I'm about to stop reading it.

So there.


  1. Control our sexual impulses? Well that's just no fun. No seriously I know what you mean when you say there's a lack of originality out there, I see it in TV and movies as well.

  2. I agree and I'm growing tired of flying heroes and villains--w/or w/o a zillion sex scenes. Is this a negative statement on my marriage????

  3. Do you have a story line nagging at you in your head? Why don't you put one out there on paper. Use what is lacking, what you want in a book and feel it out. I think it would be interesting. :)

  4. Actually, I do have a couple out there. Maybe that's why I'm griping about the ones I'm reading?


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