Thursday, October 7, 2010


Our little island is so excited. The PGA is putting on a tournament here starting today. Buses have been bussing, planes have been flying, helicopters have been hovering, policemen have been policing and people are everywhere.

Almost makes me wish I followed golf!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun going on there. Not much going on around here until next week with the covered bridge festival here in Indiana.

  2. Ooh, I love covered bridges, Regina! There aren't too many of them left, unfortunately.

  3. Aware of golf tourney and hoping wives, friends, fans. etc. are adding lots of $$$$ to local coffers. Weather is divine for them (and the rest of us). So wish my dear hubby still played golf - or at least still tagged along in the throngs following the golfers. Sigh. Hard to get inspired to clean house, esp. with MDH underfoot. Then again, is perfect excuse to go outside and enjoy a book!!!

  4. Nan, People are out and about like crazy! I think the shops and restaurants are going to see an increase in business this weekend for sure. If they don't, it's because they're closed!

    And in this lovely weather, who wants to clean house? Go for the book!


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