Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What is it with cats and hairballs? I can't believe they enjoy yukking up the silly things.

Came in today and on the sun room sofa where Roz likes to snooze, there it was. A long hairball. With some other stuff to the side.

She looked at me quite innocently but I'm sure it was her. Jackson doesn't sleep on that sofa very much. He prefers to yuk on our bed.

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  1. Cats and hairballs, they just go together like cookies and milk. Wait, not a good visual. But...My felines prefer to wait until I'm running out the door to an important appointment to do the deed, thus leaving me with deciding to be late (later) or a lasting impression of what to expect when I return.And fall is here so expect more of these tokens of love as our weather heats up and cools down thus encouraging shedding then bulking up for winter. Goldfish, anyone?


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