Thursday, October 28, 2010


I've decided. I will buy an ereader after the first of the year. Prices are expected to come down when new models appear, and I can take my time making up my mind. So I'm okay with waiting.

After an exhibition by our computer club, I'm leaning toward a Kindle. But I'm still open to other arguments. Right now I've heard from people who have the three in the title. Each one loves his/her device. I'm thinking since I don't really want to do much more than read with one, the Kindle will serve the purpose.

Of course, once I get one, I'll have to wait for our library to get into the ebook business. But they will, I'm sure. Just a matter of time.


  1. I have contemplated this as well. I am leaning toward the iPad because I already have an iPhone and love the darn thing, but it is not big enough to do all the things I want to do on it and it is a little hard to read when surfing the net...but I am holding off.

    Keep me in the loop on what you decide.

  2. Lady Cheryl

    First, I'd say whatever you get, you won't regret it. Don't get me wrong, I love paper books (now there's a shock :-) ), but since I got my Reader a few years ago it goes _everywhere_ with me. I've upgraded it since then and stuck with Sony. And, the real acid test, it gets used. A lot :-).

    As you've seen already, there are a number of models on the market. They all let you read books :-). Chosing between them is really more bells and whistles than core function.

    Mine's a Sony Reader. The guy next to me at work has a Kindle. He's OK with his, I love mine. If it's any use, here are the things I'd say people should be looking for:

    1: What formats can it handle.
    This is where you're thinking about Word documents v PDFs, and all the other formats available. I can send you some full lists if you want, but the short version is that the Sony supports more formats than the Kindle. But whether it matters is debateable. Most of the stuff you'll read will be PDF, Word, text or bought online in a format both support.
    Caveat: I've looked at PDFs on both the Kindle and the Sony, and I think the Sony handles them better. As far as I know the Kindle also charges 10c for every PDF loaded into the device. The Sony doesn't.

    2: Connectivity
    The Kindle has wirelss connectivity. The Sony Reader doesn't.
    For some this is a plus for the Kindle. The ability to remote connect to download material can be useful. For me, it's a minus. While you can turn the wireless connectivity off, that sort of defeats the object of having it, and while it's on it's a power drain. Also it gives the vendor potential remote access into your machine. Remind me to tell you the Kindle-1984 story :-). The Sony connects via a USB cable to upload/ remove books, and that works fine for me, and _nobody_ can connect to my Reader to do anything I may not want :-).

    3: Expandability
    The Sony has 512 Mb of memory. But it also had a slot for a little memory card. I have a 16Gb card in mine. Storage capacity is not an issue. The Kindle, again to the best of my knowledge and the reviews I've seen, doesn't. This is balanced by the wireless connectivity. In theory you don't need it because you can load and unload material remotely.

    In terms of display, they're comparable. The Kindle has a hardware keyboard, the Sony has an on-screen keyboard. I don't tend to use it for data-entry, so I don't care so much either way. The Sony definitely lets me highlight text in a book and add notes, I think the Kindle does.

    They're both pretty good. There are others - the Nook springs to mind for instance. But they all let you read books in a way a device with a backlit screen (like the iPAD) doesn't. I've read mine for five hours without eye strain.

    Oh, well. I'm blethering again. Whatever you get, you'll read more. Just because you can. And that, for those who are already addicited to reading (guilty! :-) ) maybe their biggest evil. They make it just to easy :-).

    ..... :-P


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