Sunday, October 24, 2010


Went for our walk Friday morning and to our horror, a condo at the front was roped off. An elderly woman who lived there died in the blaze. She was not in good health and on oxygen but she loved working in her tiny yard. She frightened the landscapers off, daring them to cut any shrub or dig up any plant she took care of.

The other condos in that building were protected by the firewall. The one right over the condo where the fire started, did have damage but it was because the fire burst out the windows and went up. The fire itself did not burn through the floor. This makes me feel better since I've wondered what would happen if a condo next to us caught on fire.

They still aren't sure what caused the fire, but we've noticed our chandelier over the dining table is getting old, with one lantern broken and exposing a wire.

We went out today and bought a new one!


  1. Yeah, it's sad.

    However, I've learned she smoked. They still don't know if she left a cigarette burning or what.

    But we have an electrician coming to put up our new chandelier!


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