Monday, October 18, 2010


Just finished this book by Dorothea Benton Frank. It's a sequel to PLANTATION, which she wrote some years ago, but I didn't have to remember any of the first book (although some characters did seem familiar) to enjoy this one. It's another dysfunctional family tale, southern-style, with all the coastal Carolina descriptions that transport you right there.

I do get annoyed when heroes/heroines look down on other people who live or came from mobile homes and allow readers to look down on them as rednecks, uneducated and scum of the earth. Some people who grow up in them can turn out to be professionals such as nurses, accountants, and teachers. I personally know some who, along with their parents, would not be ill at ease in some of the southern mansion society Frank writes about. Seems to me sometimes authors forget it's a person's character that makes him/her a lowlife.

I loved Frank's writing style in her first book. And her latest is good, but there were so many y'all's, it became tedious. And, too, dysfunctional family plots are all too common. I'm ready for stuff with a plot.

But I finished it, even enjoyed it. So I can recommend it with a good conscience.

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