Monday, April 30, 2012


We've been away, working at the house in north Georgia. Got a lot packed up, brought a lot back with us, rented a storage unit today, will go back for more before closing in 2-3 weeks. Stuff we don't want the movers to move like an antique Singer sewing machine.

The thing is, when we're up there, we have no telephone land line and the cell phones don't work without the AT&T microcell which doesn't work without broadband. And we have no internet or cable so... I can check email and get to emergency stuff on my phone at good old Micky D's, but at night, we're reduced to watching old movies. Or Red Box movies, actually. We watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; I liked the book but the movie was slo-o-w. Then we watched the new Mission Impossible; it was too fast (and impossible describes most of the action perfectly), and gave me a headache. Then we watched, on recommendation, The Descendants. Another slow movie that was rather depressing. Nice music though. Finally we watched one we found while packing: The Cutting Edge. Love that movie!

Not looking forward to going back up but back up we must go. Sigh. A few days to work in things here (Two opened bottles of olive oil added to the one here???? Four pairs of house shoes added to the two here????) and then we'll bring more stuff back. To fit in somewhere, somehow.

When we decided to move, we put stuff in storage in Hartwell, where we'd thought to come back after a few years on the island. Then we decided not (the lovely lake lot had grown large houses with four car garages all around it; it'd be like living in a subdivision except with a lake in the front yard). So we moved the stored stuff down here. Then we had to go back to north Georgia and the stored stuff went into the basement. Now it's coming back down here.

I am really keeping my fingers crossed the house closes! I'm tired of carting stuff up and down the road.


  1. I've put your Cutting Edge movie suggestion on my list to see some day. And believe me, I know what you mean about your Hartwell lot suddenly surrounded by homes. The same thing happened to our house in Dawson a year after we bought it. I love my neighbors, but a subdivision was the furthest thing from my mind. In any case, you'll be in the life you want in SSI--can buy a real house there soon probably.

    1. Well, looks like we may be in the condo awhile. Hartwell lot prices are low due to builders having to dump them on the market. And St. Simons houses aren't that cheap yet!

  2. Ooh, not a fan of moving stuff up and down. I used to do that in my college days--moving from one dorm to another almost every semester (albeit with fewer stuff to move than you do, but I didn't have a car then. Boo!) Good luck! And thanks for the well-wishes on my blog. I'm feeling lots better today (hooray! Finally!)

  3. I've got stuff in storage. Not much fun knowing things you'd like to see are stashed away somewhere that's not easily gotten to...

    I watch very little television myself. These days the only program I have to see is Castle, and now that series are generally being released season by season on DVD, that's convenient.

  4. Cherie, I'm not a fan either. William, storage is great for clutter but tough to find stuff you need!


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