Thursday, April 5, 2012


So we moved down to the island for a few weeks/months. Just got cable TV, telephone, internet and all that stuff hooked up. Maybe we can relax now.

The cats made the seven hour trip fine. Drugged, of course. Unbearable to be in the car with them otherwise, and I won't let my guy put them in the trunk! He jokes, but sometimes I wonder...

Anyway, when the girl cat wakes up, she apparently blames the boy cat for all her wooziness and unhappy travel arrangements and general malaise. For the rest of that day and part of the next, every time he comes near her, she hisses and threatens to jump on him. He, poor thing, hasn't a clue what she's hissying about. After all, he got drugged and catnapped, too. It wan't his fault!

But I guess they're back to normal. Sleeping on the bed all day, discovering the screen door to look out at the birds and squirrels, watching the tennis players bat the ball back and forth...

Now if I could just get their fountain to stop leaking in the guest bath.


  1. I remember when my parents moved up north away from the home that had been theirs for most of their married lives. They had a cat who was quite fussy and peculiar. I was in the car with my mother and the cat was in a carrier, meowing loudly for awhile, until settling down about an hour into the trip. She was kept in a closed room at the house basement until the moving was done. Then she was fine.

    1. Our cats howl when traveling. Not cry or meow but howl. If anyone from the Humane Society heard them, we'd be in trouble!


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