Thursday, May 3, 2012


I lined up a maid service to clean our house right before the closing. Trying to explain what was going on - part of the furnishings were being left so the house wouldn't be empty but it would still need a thorough cleaning - took a while. I guess that explains the Dream.

I go into the office to sign the contract (actually I did everything on the phone and through email) and find cleaning comes with some sort of fitness part. I keep saying, "No, no, I only need the house cleaned, I only need the house cleaned," but the perky interviewer won't take no. She's determined to sign me up for gym membership. My guy, meanwhile, is in another office agreeing to everything.

Finally, five o'clock comes, me still protesting. With the interviewer dragging me, everyone proceeds (except my guy, who sensibly leaves) down to the big auditorium where some kind of cult activity is going on. Now I'm protesting, "I'm really not religious, I'm really not religious," but no one pays me any mind.

Finally, I make a break for it, get upstairs just as the priest? shaman? warlock? whatever he is in full regalia including mask and pointed hat, is locking the front door. I feint to the left and manage to escape on his right. "You'll be sorry. You'll never get your house cleaned," he calls after me.

Then I find my guy in some sort of church next door, sitting in the pews as the sermon begins. He beckons me in. "It's okay," he says. "It's Christian. Or maybe Jewish. Anyway, it isn't the maid service."

I turn around and go out the door. "I"ll wait for you outside."

Religion and fitness in one dream. This is way too weird for me to handle. Even in my sleep.


  1. That rates as a weird dream.

    No more gorgonzolla pizza after nine!

    1. My theory is that since I haven't had time to write, my imagination is releasing its energy through weird dreams. Last night I dreamed my girl cat (who's been known to poop outside her litter box on occasion) dropped little pooplets over a whole square yard.


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